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supporting mods / transmission.

Tatted Hemi

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If you're adding significant horsepower / torque numbers to your gen 3 hemi you're likely no stranger to supporting mods. That Power is tons of fun until it breaks something. Ive been pushing the limits of my stock transmission until recently when I installed a modified valve body from paramount performance. Granted if money isnt an issue and you're frequenting the race track with high horsepower a fully built trans is always the better bet, but like many others im on a budget for the time being. I did the install myself, being careful and having the needed torque specs for everything it took about four and a half hours to get done. granted working on a 4 post lift was a very huge help. the valve body works as advertised, bolstering fluid pressure to key points in my NAG1 transmission. My shifts when I stomp the throttle are significantly more firm / precise and it seems to accept the power much better. In addition to better shifting I didnt sacrifice any around town driveability. It feels like factory when you're not mashing the throttle pedal. If you're on a tighter budget another option would be the mercedes blue top solenoids (you can also run these solenoids in tandem with the valve body or use you're factory solenoids). they give a similar reaction as far as shifting but its more of an all time reaction, you'll see more aggressive up and downshifts even in low rpm cruising. If thats not a concern for you then its more budget friendly but will require the same amount of work as the valve body if your doing the install yourself. Overall between the ease of install and the difference the valve body made in my opinion, was definitely worth the money and effort, having the peace of mind in regaurds to keeping my transmission in better standing and with any luck a slightly improved / consistent 60 ft time at the track.

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