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2013 Ford Escape recalled straight out of the gate

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Over 10,000 Ford Escape crossover SUVs are being recalled almost as soon as they left the showroom. The recall is over a big carpet pad on the driver's side that could interfere with breaking the automobile. Will you be in the market to sell or purchase a used or new auto? If this sounds like you, check out Gus Johnson dealer! Want to know find out more about Gus Johnson Ford? Schedule a test drive here.

Getting recalled with ford Escape

When shifting a foot from the accelerator to the brake, the driver may end up reducing reaction time and increasing the risk of a crash as the driver might hit the side of the brake. The carpet padding decreases the room around the carpet, trim and pedals, which causes this, according to Ford.

Marcey Zwiebel is a Ford spokesman who made it clear that a lot of the SUVs are in the States. In fact, 8,266 of them could be found in the United States. Another 200 are in Mexico and 2,000 or so are in Canada.

The recall will start on July 23 for the impacted SUVs produced in the Louisville, Ky., facility between March 8 and June 7.

Owners who think their vehicle might be impacted in the recall can call Ford at 866-436-7332 for further information.

Replacing carpeting

Ford is preparing to replace the carpet padding on all impacted automobiles for free, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Toyota had same issue

There was a defect just like this in the Toyota and Lexus models. Toyota tried to say it was a driver error at first.

Mike Michels, a Toyota spokesman, told Design News:

"Sometimes, owners use floor mats from another vehicle. Sometimes, they use aftermarket mats. We've even found carpet remnants stacked on the floor. The record was eight -- in that case, you couldn't even see the accelerator pedal."

Voluntary correction

After Toyota got lost a variety of industry shares with multiple recalls starting in 2009, Ford has decided to take a different approach. The company is voluntarily correcting the issue.

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Ford’s year-over-year sales were up 7 percent in June, Jeffries stated.

Unintentional acceleration recall petition

A petition was given to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asking that Ford recall some 2002 to 2004 Escape SUVs. The Center for Automotive Safety submitted the claims due to difficulties with unintended acceleration.


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