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new camera!


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Got the wife a new  Nikon D3200  for  Christmas!        

She  was  really into  portrait and landscape photography   when we were married,   had all the  'good stuff'  for the period.



As  the  rigors  of  being  'in demand'  wore  her down..   lets face it,   taking pictures  of  everyone's  joyous  activities  (weddings, family reunions etc)     on  the  weekend,   dealing  with   'drunk Uncle from  Hoboken'... deadbeat  accounts..    she  just  said  "enough"!

So, for the last  20 years,  been   happy  with  the various  point-n-shoot  type  cameras.      Last  couple were  Nikon Coolpix,   and  been happy with the features,  EXCEPT  for the  trap door on the   battery/SD.   total  junk design on the latch!


So,    I know there are  better  Nikons out there,  but   for  $485   I got the  camera body,  and  2 lenses.      This one is  NOT the  VR type  lenses ( 18-55 and 55-200mm )  24.1 mega pixel,     4 frame per second rapid fire,    and of course,  video.      



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