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  • Engine Not Starting

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    94-98 12 Valve Cummins not Starting.

    In this article we’ll troubleshoot the mighty Cummins not wanting to breathe life.

    I’m going to assume that the engine is cranking over like it should, but isn’t firing.  If you are having issues with the engine not cranking over, please wait patiently for me to write a “Starting System Diagnostics” article, Thank you.


    Things to check:


    FSS (Fuel Shutoff Solenoid).

    Symtoms: Engine Cranks with no hint of wanting to start, or starts but shuts off once you let go of the key

    The FSS is an electrical solenoid that lifts a lever on the injector pump.  The injector pump will not inject fuel into the engine if the FSS lever is not in the raised position.  For more information, Go to: Fuel Shutoff Selenoid (FSS)


    No Fuel to injector Pump

    Symtoms: Engine just cranks, possibility of white smoke out exhaust pipe.

    Common issue if the engine ran out of fuel, has sat a while, or a part in the fuel system has been removed/replaced.  For troubleshooting and system bleeding procedures, Go to: Bleeding the Fuel System


    Slipped Injection Timing

    Symtoms: Engine just cranks, white smoke out exhaust pipe.

    Likely issue if Injector pump was just re-timed.  To set the timing back to stock, go here: Confirming Stock Timing & Checking And Setting your Timing Back to Stock


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