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  • So this whole ordeal started with a truck I bought for a donor to swap into a Chevy truck. The truck is a 98.5 24v (build date 2/98) and it had 388xxx miles. It needed an ECM and a VP44, Turns out I had both on the shelf from previous builds. Long story short I got 2200 miles out of the engine before it ate a bearing. I had an 01 engine sitting that I had done a VE pump swap to for my crew cab. figured I'd just drop it in and keep trucking, HAHAHAHA not so simple. After scouring the usual sources for info I couldn't find much. The first fire up yielded a miss at part throttle and a CEL. Broke out the scanner and found a CMK sensor error, switched to live data and found a dead crank position sensor. Now 98.5-00 engines and ECMs use a CAM and a Crank position sensor, my 01 engine didn't have the tone ring on the crank, easy fix right? Well kinda. Turns out that you'll need the 01 or 02 ECM for your 01 or 02 engine, to correct the errant CMP signal error I built an extension harness to move the "crank" sensor wiring to the Cam position. Turns out I had stripped the tone wheel from my 01 cam when I did my VE pump swap. Pulled the cam and replaced the tone wheel. Yes it does matter where the missing "tooth" goes by the way. At this point the only issue I have is the AC is inop, the ECM controls the compressor clutch in 01 trucks and the PCM controls it in 98.5 trucks, I'm working on a fix for that at the moment and I'll update as I work out any further issues.

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