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  1. @Mopar1973Man rotate the pump towards the head. Additionally each tooth is if memory serves 5°. If you don't know already the timing mark on the case to pump should be visible, it looks like a chisel punch.
  2. Ok @Mopar1973Man apparently my HAXOR skills aren't what they were 20 yrs ago. I seem to remember that Red Hat was open source (free to download) but I can't find it. I have an older laptop that I am going to use so I don't have to partition a harddrive and make it play nice. Feel free to call me me if you can help so we don't clog up the page. After hours is perfectly fine, I'm usually up until 11 or so. Thanks Mike and Nick for everything you do. I look forward to becoming more of an asset than just a pretty face........
  3. @Madmaxxjim the block physically doesn't have the hole? That would mean the block is an older block. If it just has a plug there then you may get lucky and have the tone wheel on the crank?
  4. Well @Mopar1973Man I haven't used Red Hat in 20 years, but I'll dive in and brush up. I have a friend who can help me figure out SEO. she did a phenomenal job with my website. I do understand that whatever work I put into the website would be purely voluntary. I'll do it to keep the site up and running. I would hate to loose this resource. I completely understand the burning out situation. I took a personal day myself and just stayed in bed. I haven't written anything in html5 but I'm gonna dive into that as well. Guess I'll spend some time digging!
  5. @Mopar1973Man how can I help with the IP and email issues? Please reach out to me.
  6. @Mopar1973Man reach out to me please. I'm willing to do the stuff that needs done such as the phone calls and emails that need done to fix the IP address issues.
  7. @Mopar1973Man give me a call when it's convenient. I am not very web tech savvy, but I have a knack for arguing with people. I don't have much to offer for 3rd or 4th gen trucks because I don't mess with them much. But if you need someone to make follow up calls and sort through some managerial stuff I am game. I know that I had no idea that the site wasn't necessarily profitable. I do have an abundance of time available to help however I can in the evenings and such. This is the only site that has helped me keep my 24v on the road.
  8. @Mopar1973Man so when do we need to pay for our subscription? Also just wanted to make sure you received my 2 donations. I am super excited to see how this new system works out.
  9. @Mopar1973Man the low cost subscription I think will appeal to the masses. Side note I did donate to 2 of the 3 funds, just wanted to make sure that the system was actually recognizing those now. As far as the pay per tune, I am definitely going to put my 4k box back in and start messing with it again. Just curious what your cut is? You don't have to divulge that if you don't want too. Can't wait to see the new subscription roll out!
  10. @Mopar1973Man what kind of commitment would you need for help running the site? Just curious, I run my own company and I have some down time that is just currently just wasted trying to figure out quickbooks and this stupid vortec 5.7L swap into a 454 truck......
  11. syndicateshop


  12. @JAG1 I do all my own, you don't need a press to do axle or u joints. Just a 3lb hammer and some patience.
  13. Curious as to why? Serviceable joints seem to last longer, at least in my experience.
  14. What are you going to spend the other $300 on? JK, That grease gun is worth it's weight in gold. Just 1 skid loader track replacement and it pays for itself. No more 1000 pumps to tension it up, set that sucker to 50 and squeeze the trigger and repeat till track is tight. I love my cordless Milwaukee half inch gun though. Just did a tire change today on a f250, didn't even bog down on dually lugs.
  15. @dripley I have an engine driven compressor on my service truck and what the MG725 can't break loose the Milwaukee does. Get the 9amp battery though. I got my impact and a cordless grease gun for $450, man is that grease gun nice!
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