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  1. @JAG1 I do all my own, you don't need a press to do axle or u joints. Just a 3lb hammer and some patience.
  2. Curious as to why? Serviceable joints seem to last longer, at least in my experience.
  3. What are you going to spend the other $300 on? JK, That grease gun is worth it's weight in gold. Just 1 skid loader track replacement and it pays for itself. No more 1000 pumps to tension it up, set that sucker to 50 and squeeze the trigger and repeat till track is tight. I love my cordless Milwaukee half inch gun though. Just did a tire change today on a f250, didn't even bog down on dually lugs.
  4. @dripley I have an engine driven compressor on my service truck and what the MG725 can't break loose the Milwaukee does. Get the 9amp battery though. I got my impact and a cordless grease gun for $450, man is that grease gun nice!
  5. My Snapon MG 725 is tried and true, but the Milwaukee 1400/ftlb 1/2" cordless is getting used more and more
  6. Twins or compound...... sorry, just a pet peeve.
  7. @Me78569 did they just bump someone else's order?
  8. A 4k box on a daily driver, I see you like to party too. It's a bit aggressive on the top level, I took my 4k off my service truck and put it on my toy. Much nicer to drive that way.
  9. @dripley no problem, it's nice to do the teaching once in a while.
  10. @dripley the schematics and Cummins call the sensor a crank sensor. In the01-02 harness the same pins are utilized as the crank sensor from the 98.5-00 ecm. There is no listing for a cam sensor in 01-02. In fact the truck I'm driving right now is a 98.5 with an 01 ecm/engine using a 98.5 harness. I had to make an extension cable to extend the crank sensor plug to reach the timing case. Also the cam gear now has provisions to bolt the tone wheel to it where 98.5-00 cam gears just have a notch.
  11. Stick your finger in the cam position sensor hole, is there a tone wheel? That will tell you which iteration. All 24v have crank position sensors. Just depends where it is, 98.5-2000 are actually on the crank, 01-02 is in the timing case. Ask me how I know........
  12. So the bosses personal Wrecker developed an issue. The drivers headlight came on after we changed seats in his 5500. We have to pull the cables to keep the truck from killing the batteries. The mechanic says BCM which is integrated into the cluster. I've dug a little online and found a few articles about the TIPM being the issue. Before they load the parts cannon, I'd love to do some of my own diagnostics. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. @trreed that's not exactly true. You still need the 01/02 ECM. then you'll have issues with the AC and cruise, and possibly Speedo. I am trying to figure out if mine is just a dead sensor or an ecm/pcm issue. I HAVE an 01 engine in a 98.5 truck. And it's coming out as soon as I get new bearings in the original engine.
  14. Definitely not worth the trouble. If you had everything already on hand it still sucks. Ask me how I know.
  15. I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit. The VE and VP 44 both saw better mpg because of dynamic timing as opposed to the static timing of the ppump. My personal best was 28mpg higway with a VE 24v in a crew cab square body chevy. There is definitely am advantage over the PPUMP in reguards to mileage
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