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  • P0232 Fuel Shutoff Signal Voltage Too High

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    1. Ensure ignition is off. Disconnect Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) connector. FPCM connector is located on the end of fuel injection pump. See Fig. 38 . FPCM is incorporated into fuel injection pump and may also be referred to as the fuel injection pump when referencing to the wiring diagram.

    2. Turn ignition on with engine off. Using a voltmeter, check voltage at terminal No 5 (Light Blue/Red wire) on FPCM connector. This is the fuel shutoff signal. Voltage should be more than 9.0 volts but less than 14.5 volts. If the voltage is within specification, conditions required to set DTC are not present at this time. The test is complete. Perform TEST VER-2A. If the voltage is not within specification, it is assumed that ECM is defective and should be replaced. Before installing replacement ECM, ensure all DTCs have been repaired to prevent damaging replacement ECM. ECM is located on driver's side of the engine, just in front of fuel transfer pump and contains a 50-pin connector. After replacing ECM, perform TEST VER-2A.

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