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  • P0218 High Temperature Operation Activated

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    When Monitored and Set Condition:

    When Monitored: Whenever the engine is running.
    Set Condition: This DTC is an informational code and does not necessarily indicate that a failure exists. It merely flags the fact that trans sump oil temperature reached 116°C or 240F. This temperature level can be reached when operating under heavy load in hot weather. This causes the transmission controller to use an "overheat" shift schedule, which changes the shift patterns in an attempt to control the temperature. Customers may notice a different feeling or response under these conditions. The Owner's Manual includes an explanation of this "Over Temperature Mode" for the customer's information. The DTC sets Immediately after a Overheat shift schedule is activated when Transmission temperature exceeds 116° C or 240°F.




    NOTE: Low fluid level can be the cause of many transmission problems. If the fluid level is low locate and repair the leak then check and adjust the fluid  level. Refer to appropriate AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION article.

    NOTE: Always perform diagnostics with a fully charged battery to avoid false symptoms.

    NOTE: Diagnose 1 Trip Failures as a fully matured DTC.

    NOTE: Verify flash level of Powertrain Controller. Some problems are corrected by software upgrades to the Transmission and Engine Systems.

    NOTE: Due to the integration of the Powertrain and Transmission control modules - if a controller flash is performed it is necessary to perform STANDARD PROCEDURE - TCM QUICK LEARN and the STANDARD PROCEDURE - DRIVE LEARN . Failure to do so may result in shift quality complaints.

    NOTE: Check for applicable TSB's that may apply.

    1. With the DRBIII(R), read the engine DTC's. Check and repair all Engine DTC's prior to performing Transmission symptom diagnostics. With the DRBIII(R), read Transmission DTC's. Record all DTC's and 1 Trip Failures. Using the wiring diagram/schematic as a guide, inspect the wiring and connectors. Repair as necessary. Perform the Shift Lever Position Test. If the test does not pass, refer to Symptom test for SYMPTOM: P0706-CHECK SHIFTER SIGNAL . For Gear Ratio DTC's, check and record all CVI's. Most DTC's set on start up but some must be set by driving the vehicle to ensure that all diagnostic monitors have run. Perform this procedure prior to Symptom diagnosis. Continue Go To 2
    2. This DTC is an informational DTC designed to aid the Technician in diagnosing shift quality complaints. With the DRBIII(R), check the EATX DTC EVENT DATA to help identify the conditions in which the DTC was set. This DTC indicates that the transmission has been operating in the "Overheat" shift schedule which may generate a customer complaint. The customer driving patterns may indicate the need for an additional transmission oil cooler. Severe operation (trailer tow, etc.) in hot weather Verify proper Engine cooling system operation which would affect proper transmission operation. Perform the Oil Pump Volume Check. Refer to appropriate AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION article.
      NOTE: Convertor failure, clutch debris inside the pump (particularly in the cooler bypass circuit) is an indication of converter failure.
    3. If there are no possible causes remaining, view repair.


    Repair the cause of transmission overheating. Refer to the appropriate article for the proper repair procedure. Make sure to check for any Service Bulletins pertaining to this problem. Perform (NGC) 45RFE/545RFE TRANSMISSION VERIFICATION TEST - VER 1 .

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