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    The Inlet Air Temperature/Pressure Sensor is a combination dual-function sensor. The sensor element extends into the intake air stream at the top of the air filter housing. Ambient air temperature, as well as barometric pressure, is monitored by this sensor. The Engine Control Module (ECM) monitors signals from this sensor.


    The Inlet Air Temperature/Pressure Sensor (3) is located on the air cleaner cover.
    1. Disconnect electrical connector (7) at sensor.
    2. Remove mounting screw (2).
    3. Remove sensor from air cleaner cover.
    4. Check condition of sensor a-ring.


    1. Check condition of sensor a-ring.
    2. Position sensor (3) into top of air cleaner cover with a slight twisting action.
    3. Install mounting screw (2).
    4. Install electrical connector (7).






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