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  • Using Torque Pro for Gauges Extended PID Sensors.

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    This article covers the steps needed to use an obdlinkmx or similar to pass info to an application like Torque Pro on your cell phone for gauges.   It will allow you to add more sensors than Ram Publishes for Free.  


    Big Props to Nova3930 on Cumminsforum for getting the list going. 

    Update 8/22/18 

    Added MPG for stock injector trucks : mpg  Beta items are not working yet.


    PID mode 21 that I need to fig into

    09 0A99 at idle


    PID's on Mode 22 that I need to dig through,
    9000 00 at idle 1 byte return

    9001 00 at idle 1 byte retur 

    9E00 FFFC at idle 2 byte return

    9E01 FFFF at idle 2 byte return

    A000 01 at idle 1 byte return

    A001 00000004 at idle 4 byte return

    A004 0000001C at idle 4 byte return

    A009 00 at idle 1 byte return

    A010 00000000 at idle 4 byte return

    A024 000E at idle 2 byte return

    A040 00005426 at idle 4 byte return

    A051 0000 at idle 2 byte return

    A064 0000 at idle 2 byte return

    A0A9 00 at idle 1 byte return

    A0C4 00002B at idle 3 byte return

    A0E1 0000 at idle 2 byte return

    A110 0000 at idle 2 byte return

    A119 03 at idle 1 byte return

    A131 00 at idle 1 byte return




    One of the big perks to using a phone for gauges is you are not limited to a proprietary device and the slow rate of updates that those devices may or may not get.  There is A LOT of data on the obd system for the 4th gen Cummins that we are still decding.  


    What you need. 

    1. bluetooth OBD Reader such as OBDLink MX for your android device or OBDLINK MX WIFI for IOS

    2. Android or IOS Device.  We recommend using a spare and not your phone. this way you can leave it in the truck connected.

    3. Torque Pro app, yes pay for the pro version it is a GREAT app.  

    4. Power plug.  I recommend using a keyed source of power because apps like Torque pro can watch for power input and turn the device screen on and off. 

    5.  You will need this Cummins 6.7 PID list  .  If you use another app it is up to you to change the formar

    6. Window Shade for when parked.   Why? Because you dont want to bake your spare phones battery all day long when it sits.  The dash of a truck in the summer can reach 160*f without much trouble.




    Installing the app and the PID file into Torque.

    1. Download the app from the play store and run the app.

    2. Move the PID definition file to your phones storage/.torque/extendedPID folder. 



    3. import the PID definition file


    4. You should now see new PID's / Sensors in the list of gauges,  Note that the Sensor's that were imported all have : before them to put them in a group new the top of the list. 

    5.  yoiu can long click the Gauge to adjust things like Name, Min / Max, Warning, Size, Location. 
    Setting Up Device to be dedicated gauge, Configure Torque Pro to be more like a dedicated gauge
    This is what my Dashboard looks like.  Gauges are very nicely sized on my old Nexus 6 Device.
    Home Screen.png
    PID List for Cummins 6.7 2018 8/17/18
    Name  ShortName  ModeAndPID Equation  Min Value  Max Value Units Header
    :Fuel Rail Pressure: Commanded FRP C 016D (B*256+C)*1.45 0 27000 PSI Auto
    :Fuel Rail Pressure: Actual FRP A 016D (D*256+E)*1.45 0 27000 PSI Auto
    :Fuel Rail Temp FRT 016D (F-40)*1.8+32 -40 215 F Auto
    :TQ Conv Lock Stat  TQCLStat 22B09B A 0 275   Auto
    :Transmission Gear: Commanded XMSN GC 22A09F A 0 8   Auto
    :Transmission Gear: Actual XMSN GA 22A0A0 A 0 8   Auto
    :DPF: Regen Status Regen 018B BIT(B:0) 0 2   Auto
    :DPF: Regen Type Active Regen 018B BIT(B:1) 0 2   Auto
    :DPF: Status DPF Status 018B (C*100)/255 0 100 % Auto
    :Turbo: Boost Boost 170 (D*256+E)*0.00453125 0 35 PSI Auto
    :Charged Air Cooler Outlet Temp CACT 177 ((B-40)*1.8)+32 0 225 F Auto
    :DPF: Pressure Gradient DPF Press Grad 017A (B*256+C)*0.1 -3300 3300 mbar Auto
    :DPF: Inlet Pressure DPF In Press 017A (C*256+D)*0.1 0 6600 mbar Auto
    :DPF: Outlet Pressure DPF Out Press 017A (E*256+F)*0.1 0 6600 mbar Auto
    :Exhaust Pressure Ex Press 173 (B*256+C)*0.1 0 6600 mbar Auto
    :EGR: Commanded EGR Comm 169 (B*100)/255 0 100 % Auto
    :EGR: Actual EGR Act 169 (C*100)/255 0 100 % Auto
    :EGR: Error EGR Err 169 ((D-128)*100)/128 0 100 % Auto
    :EGR: Temp EGR Temp 016B ((B-40)*1.8)+32 0 255 F Auto
    :EGT: DOC Inlet EGT DOC In 178 ((((B*256+C)*0.1)-40)*1.8)+32 0 2000 F Auto
    :EGT: DOC Outlet EGT DOC Out 178 ((((D*256+E)*0.1)-40)*1.8)+32 0 2000 F Auto
    :EGT: DPF Outlet EGT DPF Out 178 ((((F*256+G)*0.1)-40)*1.8)+32 0 2000 F Auto
    :EGT: Cat Conv EGT Cat Conv 178 ((((H*256+I)*0.1)-40)*1.8)+32 0 2000 F Auto
    :EGT: Cat Conv Out EGT Cat Conv Out 198 ((((B*256+C)*0.1)-40)*1.8)+32 0 2000 F Auto
    :Manifold Absolute Pressure MAP 187 (B*256+C)*0.00453125 0 60 PSI Auto
    :NOX Sensor 1: Pre-CAT NOX Sen 1 183 (B*256+C) 0 5000 ppm Auto
    :NOX Sensor 2: Post-CAT NOX Sen 2 183 (D*256+E) 0 5000 ppm Auto
    :DEF Consumption Command Def Rate COM 185 (D*256+E)*.005 0 328 L/H Auto
    :DEF Consumption Def Rate 185 (B*256+C)*.005 0 328 L/H Auto
    :DEF Level Def Lev 185 (F*100)/255 0 100 % Auto
    :Run Time w NOX Warn RTwNW 185 (G*(256^3)+H*(256^2)+I*256+J)/60 0 500 Min Auto
    :Turbo: Commanded cm^2 VGT Com 171 25-(((C*100)/255)*.22) 0 25 CM^2 Auto
    :Turbo: Commanded % VGT Com 171 (C*100)/255 0 100 % Auto
    :Turbo: Position cm^2 VGT Pos 171 25-(((C*100)/255)*.22) 0 25 CM^2 Auto
    :Turbo: Position % VGT Pos 171 (B*100)/255 0 100 % Auto
    :Turbo: RPM Turbo RPM 174 (B*256+C)*10 0 660000 RPM Auto
    :Turbo: Compressor Inlet Temp Turbo CIT 175 (B-40)*1.8+32 0 220 F Auto
    :Engine: Run Time Eng Run Time 017F (B*(256^3)+C*(256^2)+D*256+E)/3600 0 500 Hours Auto
    :Engine: Idle Time Eng Idle Time 017F (F*(256^3)+G*(256^2)+H*256+I)/3600 0 500 Hours Auto
    :Throttle Valve: Commanded TV Comm 016C (B*100)/255 0 100 % Auto
    :Throttle Valve: Actual TV Act 016C (C*100)/255 0 100 % Auto
    :DPF REGEN AVGT DPF AVGT 018B (D*256)+E 0 65535 Min Auto
    :DPF REGEN AVGD KM DPF AVGD 018B (F*256)+G 0 65535 KM Auto
    :DPF REGEN AVGD MI DPF AVGD 018B ((F*256)+G) 0 65535 Mi Auto
    :Main Injection Timing Timing 015D ((A*256+B)-26880)/128 -210 300 Deg Auto
    :Driver Demand Torque Com TQ 161 A-125 -125 130 % Auto
    :Grid Heater Active Grid Act 165 BIT(B:3) 0 1   Auto
    :MPG  MPG 015E  [010D]/(((A*256 +B)/14)/3.7541) 0 40   Auto
    More to Come.  

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