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  • Fuel Control Actuator (FCA)

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    The Fuel Control Actuator (FCA) (3) is located at the rear of the high-pressure, fuel injection pump.


    The Fuel Control Actuator (FCA) is an electronically controlled solenoid valve. The ECM controls the amount of fuel that enters the high-pressure pumping chambers by opening and closing the FCA based on a demanded fuel pressure. When the FCA is opened, the maximum amount of fuel is being supplied to the fuel injection pump. Any fuel that does not enter the injection pump is directed to the cascade overflow valve. The cascade overflow valve regulates how much excess fuel is used for lubrication of the pump and how much is returned to the fuel tank through the drain manifold. An audible click from the FCA is normal when operating the key from the ON to the OFF position.


    1. Remove electrical connector (6) from Fuel Control Actuator (FCA).
    2. Remove FCA mounting screws (1).
    3. Twist and pull FCA to remove from injection pump.


    1. Lubricate new Fuel Control Actuator (FCA) O-ring with clean oil before installation.
    2. Turn FCA in a clockwise direction while pressing it into machined bore on rear of fuel injection pump. Be sure FCA flange is flush with the mounting surface on fuel injection pump.
    3. Install FCA mounting screws (1) by hand.
    4. Tighten FCA mounting screws (1) to 7 N·m (62 in.



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