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  • Downloading Policy


    Downloading Policy

    Membership Requirements To Download Files

    • Silver - $10 to $20 per 6 months
    • Gold - $25 to $45 per year
    • Platinum $50 to $100 per year
    • Customer

    If you purchase product and/or make a donation to the site your payment is helping pay for the bandwidth and hosting of the site.

    Limitations Per Group

    There will be limitations of how much bandwidth you can take per level of membership. 

    • Guest - No access.
    • Members - Can view files but no downloading.
    • Silver - 512 MB of files per day.
    • Gold - 1 GB of files per day.
    • Platinum - 2 GB of files per day.
    • Customer - 2 GB of files per day.

    Why do I have to donate or purchase something?

    First off this site operates with member donations and sales of products to pay for the operating cost. This means that family members that have donated to the site or purchased products should have first right to the files  and bandwidth since donating members or customers have paid for a share of the bandwidth on the server.

    Download ZIP and Password

    Downloads are typically zipped up using the password mopar1973man.com

    File Leeching

    For a person to register and not donate or purchase a product and want instant download access will not happen. This is what is known as file leeching. In order to ensure that Mopar1973Man.Com continue to operate, we require that family members must meet the requirements listed above to download files.  You can find what each membership level gets you, visit the Donation Policy Page.


    Why have a donation based download policy?

    At the time of this posting, there is nearly 3 GB worth of downloadable files. We have a 3 TB bandwidth limit on the site so if 1,000 people came through uncontrolled and downloaded every file they could they would push the site over its bandwidth limit in very short time. Then Mopar1973Man.Com and the donated family members would be stuck holding the bag for paying the over-bandwidth charge of the hosting company to keep the site on the Internet. If you would like access to the Download Section please go over to the Donation area and help keep the site active.

    As for files, all files are compressed. If you have other manuals to share please get a hold of Mopar1973Man and we'll set-up a method of transferring the data to the site.

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