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    • Michael Meadows
      By: First Diesel Middleton · 01/06/2022
      switched back to ms from apple, pix is side job..lol ill correct in the am.. local id guy probably have a ton in common...
    • James Tanzey
      By: James T · 12/26/2021
      Hello,  I'm James, A&P mechanic Retired, I can fix anything. Enough tools to fix everything. This my 1999 Dodge Ram 2500  5.9 Cummins, my Father left it to me to take care of after his passing. Over the past years I have not done much to it. Reciently I have had to make it my daily driver.  I started an up date and restoation to the truck. Started with replacing a leaking heater core, I have serviced the AC system more time than enoug so I dicided to replace the entire AC system while I had
    • Doubletrouble
      By: Doubletrouble · 12/23/2021
      All stock except Fass DDRP
    • Batteries Drained-No Power to Lift Pump-No Bus-No Start
      By: Rloosarow · 06/25/2021
      Just bought the truck a little of a month ago. Ran great but wanted to get ahead of weaknesses in the 2nd gen so I replaced the lift pump with an AirDog 150 which worked from first start with no issues. It had an Edge programmer installed along with a PacBrake exhaust brake but neither seemed to be functioning at 100% or in the case of the exhaust brake, it just didn't function at all.   I got the exhaust brake to work, kind of, by cleaning out the vacuum solenoid. The truck seemed to
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