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  2. Ok sorry to take so long to get back with you. Plug with screw in it taken off sprayed diode cleaner in connection then added diode grease put back together and made sure it was snug. New altenator as of yesterday. And is still doing the same thing. Going to crawl under it in a little bit take the plugs of the emc and do the same thing to them and see what happens
  3. Ok that worked for a little while then it did it again today. Tried tightening they screw again with no luck
  4. 2008 dodge 3500 6.7 4x4 deleted with efi live sometimes it won't start if it does start about 1 minute later all the lights in the dash will come on the tach and speedo will go to 0 and the odometer will say no bus. AnY ideas on how to fix it. Thanks in advance
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