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  2. Nope, no air bags. Ok, I'll checkout the warranty route. Thanks guys!
  3. Last year I installed new Rancho shocks. I'm still bouncing. If I cross an intersection at 30mph +, the crown of the cross street will cause me to bounce up and down 4 or 5 times. If the fifth wheel RV is in tow, a concrete interstate with it's uneven seams is horrible. I don't remember which Rancho shock model I bought. They're not the adjustable model though. Suggestions?
  4. I'm bouncing all over the road! Especially when towing 10k 5th wheel. What shocks do you recommend and where to purchase? Thx!
  5. Rear dif fluid is fine. Fluid flowed out before I completely removed plug. Take the truck out of gear, release EB, and I can push the truck by hand - Brakes are free.
  6. Ok, thanks guys. At least I can talk semi-intelligently at the garage tomorrow. Sounds like this one is too big for me.
  7. oops, sorry. 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 2wd 6 speed. Disks. Wheel seem to turn ok when I had it on lift. It was in gear, but there was a little bit of play.
  8. Hey Folks, Its been a while since I've been here, but now I need a little help. After I drove 15 miles to work, I noticed a burning smell, but dismissed it to be from somewhere else. Driving home, I noticed a slight hum and also some unusual vibration. I thought I may have a seriously low tire. Not so. By the time I got home, the burn smell was very strong. I felt the rear wheels. Whoa! Both rear wheels were super hot - I couldn't keep a hand on them more than a second. I pulled a wheel and didn't notice anything unusual - I think. What's going on here? Thanks in advance. Eric
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