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  1. Looks like there is one in my town! Thanks for the tip!
  2. I was walking out to my truck and noticed the frame was wet with oil in the driver side wheel well. Drove my truck home and found that it was leaking PS fluid from the fitting on the steel line that goes from the side of the hydroboost to the steering gear PS hose. I loosened the fitting that connects to the hydroboost thinking I just needed to replace the o-ring but found the idiot that owned my truck before me cross threaded the fitting into the hydro boost and messed the threads up on both the hydroboost and steel line. Since I drive this truck long distances I already got a new hydroboost (original one to the truck, replaced to be safe) but I cant find the line I need. I know the mopar part number is 52009650AC but everywhere says this part is discontinued. Anybody know where i can get this part or have a solution for me?