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  2. Well the banjo bolts and washers came in and I installed them. The fuel delivery error is gone but the dead pedal remains. I did the trans trick again. Heated it to 230 in the driveway then allowed it to cool and the truck drove fine. Absolutely 0 dead pedal. I'm officially at the end of my diagnostic ability now lol.
  3. Finally got a breakthrough. Truck finally threw p0148 so I started in on the fuel system. First stop the inlet line to the cp3. Unbolt it on the IP and the O-rings are shot. So my question is do y'all know where I can find these O-ring washers?
  4. While I was doing the testing in the driveway last night I got my trans temp up to 250-275 so the trans temp warning light flashed on my dash. After this happened the dead pedal went away completely. I shut the truck down and let it cool to 230 then I went for a drive. It did the normal limp mode shifts for a overheated trans until it cooled then everything was fine. I drove the truck for close to 2 hours and the problem never came back. Then I jump in the truck this morning to go to work and the problem is back and I can't get out of the driveway. Starting to think the thing is just possessed.
  5. Finally got a live data tool on the truck and I checked the absolute throttle position and it doesn't fluctuate when the issue happens. All that changes is the load percentage. It drops completely to 0 since the truck is dropping back to idle.
  6. So I did a little research on output speed sensors and their symptoms of failing. One of those symptoms was the cruise control not working. With my dead pedal issue if I have cruise control engaged it will knock the cruise out when the issue starts. With that information do you think this could be my issue? Sorry it's taken me so long to respond back. Work and the holidays have been keeping me mighty busy.
  7. Wasn't able to work on the truck for a few days, but I got to tinker a bit today and got what I hope to be some valuable information. The issue will consistently present itself at about 1800 rpm in drive but not in park or neutral. So I did this a few times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Now as you can imagine doing this raised my trans temp pretty quick as it wasn't able to shift. Once the trans got to 185+ the problem was consistent from idle onwards in drive and reverse. I didn't test in reverse at 1800 rpm but I'm assuming the same results. So this leads me to believe it is in the trans. Any ideas guys?
  8. I've got to go back out after lunch. I'll pull the field leads and give it a shot. What does pulling the field leads do?
  9. I tried unhooking the wires to my intake heater yesterday just to see if it helped with it out of the system. After I unhooked the wires I turned the ignition on and the fuel pump was only working at a third of the speed as usual and my Edge Evolution couldn't communicate through my OBD port. The screen said to make sure the ignition was on like it wasn't getting a signal from the ECM. Do the wires connected to the grid heater double as signal wires for the ECM?
  10. I also keep reading that something in the transmission could cause this problem. Mine is an automatic and was recently rebuilt and I wasn't having these problems until I got it back. What is in the trans that could cause this issue? I ask because I just left to go to the gas station and on the way back it started the problem on a hill. After it finally finished it's episode it wouldn't down shift to first on it's on or when I did it. So I had to back down the hill and get a running go to climb it.
  11. I've been doing some more reading and what do you think about it potentially being the fuel control actuator? Also I'm trying to get in touch with a friend of mine to see if he has a live data tool as I do not.
  12. Checked the alternator it's good. Putting out .010-.012. A bad grid heater wouldn't cause this would it. Looking more and more like a ECM for me. Would having the ECM flashed help?
  13. I'll check it when I get home. I do have a code for intake heater voltage low. I'm honestly thinking of deleting the grid heater anyway. Is there away to do it without the delete block?
  14. Drove the truck all afternoon yesterday with 0 problems. Fired it up to come to work this morning 38-40 degrees outside and the dead pedal came back once the truck warmed up.
  15. Well I was greeted with the dead pedal issue again this morning for the first time in over a week. Alternator is good, grounds are good, terminals just replaced. I'm at wits end with this thing. Also the last time it gave the dead pedal issue was a cold morning. This is the first cold morning I've had since the "fix". What could relate this problem to cold weather?