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  1. Well i havent did the WT mod and havent heard of that mod. But i would like to try it and the AC noise mod that ive been wanting to do for awhile, I searched for WT mod but cant find anything. Can someone point me in the right direction? I do have a fuel leak on the head i guess a tube isnt sealing ive had that problem before with aftermarket orings that cracked. I never had it to give me dead pedal tho. I was parked on a hill when it didnt want to start right off that maybe what happen then. But i dont have the factory fuel filter base the injection pump and off the head goes to t
  2. Yes when your driving it goes to idle and is getting worse. It has had a problem slow starting a time or two also seen this has happened.
  3. Well the quad show tps is working and Im not sure where to start? I got redline hooked up to harness from injection pump that i need to unhook, pump isnt tapped and box is turned off but SO pump didnt have a problem with the box before. If i cant figure it out soon im going have to let someone look at it and it seems to do it more when the engine is hot and seems like when its colder outside.
  4. Hey guys ive had dead pedal ever seens ive put new II hotrod pump on and timbo tps. I think it maybe in the tps because when i put the first one on the lowest i could get it to set was .750 and he sent me another one that he checked before he sent it and said it read .680. I put it on and with my cheap habor freight meter and it said .710. So i adjusted it till it went up and then backed it up till it was at .71 then back it off a half turn then called him and he said to take it up till it went up then back it off a half turn. So i check it before i mess with it again and it was at .750, I wen
  5. Well they fixed the tach so it works now but they said the cluster was pulling more amps than he thought it should and didnt know why because he said he didnt work on anything that old anymore. But wait to start light comes on and i noticed cruise didnt come on last night also. Im just going to get a cluster and see what it does i guess. Thanks
  6. My truck has had dead pedal since i put it back together after putting new hot rod pump and timbo tps. It threw a p0500 code the other night and i was wanting to reset tps and my parking brake cable broke a few years ago and i never fixed it, so i put a new switch on and still no light. I think it works off ground and when u ground it i should turn light on correct? I had a problem with tach not working awhile back and had cluster worked on and now my high beam light does work all time now. Im wondering if my cluster is messed up and i guess u have to have parking brake light on t
  7. I think i want a 3 way switch so i cut light green/white wire and run it to #2 on 3 way switch and run ground to #1 on 3 way switch, then run light green/white out of controller to #3 on 3 way switch?
  8. I was having problems with my blend door awhile back and it turned out to be the actuator was bad. But i put a controller from junk yard because i was having problems figuring out the problem, but now the ac kicks on when u turn it to face and floor and when u turn it to defrost and floor? I thought the controller was missed up and put my old one back on and it does the same! Is this correct or do i have a problem, i have to either turn it to face or floor for ac not to kick on.
  9. Will the ground wire had corrosion on it and i got another plug from yard and wired it up, but before i wired it up i checked the wires and yes the voltage changed. But after i wired it up i couldnt get voltage out of plug but it had voltage on the backside of plug, I finally got a tiny piece of solider and put in the plug where the small holes where and it was good. So I may have wasted my time but the wire is a lot better now. The only thing i know is the door must be in a bind so the next thing im going to do is take the actuator off and see if i can turn the door by hand and ma
  10. Will i went to junk yard and got a controller and it didnt fix it, i actually got two and took the potentiometer out of the one i didnt put in and ohmed it out and it does nothing. I thought they would ohm out but am i wrong?
  11. Sorry i posted wrong diagram, but i checked wires again with test light and it had voltage on the blue wire and i jumpered the blue to the yellow and it didnt turn. Im not sure how it works if it was already in that position. I ohmed black to ground and it was good, and ohmed the switch and it was open every way i turned it. Is my switch bad?
  12. Ok i think im not getting power to the motor? I checked the Yellow and orange wire as hot to the ground as black and light green then checked the blue wire as hot as i had a friend turn the heat to cold nob. Am i checking it right? And can i take a 9 volt battery to the motor to see if it will turn the blend door? Im not sure if i hooked all the wires up when i installed the dash, i remember hooking up the vacuum lines. But my fan works.
  13. Back in the winter i changed heater core and evaporator core and i put some insulation around the evaporator to keep air from passing and i think the insulation has the box in a bind or something. The heat is on all the time if u turn the fan on and it fills hot if u stick your hand up to the vents with it off, I was wondering where the vacuum for the flap for ac and if u could see if it will move by hand?
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