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  2. @TJ1997Cummins2500 I believe it was because the bolts were loose. I tightened them initially because I thought that was the issue until I discovered the crack.
  3. Thanks Guys! @Dieselfuture Put the new starter in last night.. Ended up buying a new one and glad I did the starter was sheared off and cracked sourounding one of the bolts. New starter works great.
  4. Thank you for the response, any idea how long this would takle? the truck is my DD @Me78569
  5. Hello everyone, My 98 12 valve recently started having issues while starting. Here are the symptoms: 1. The truck seems to be turning over way slower than normal. 2. The truck takes significantly longer to start because of the slow crank. I have ruled out the batteries and all the connections seem to be clean and corrosion free. From what I have looked into I believe it is time to replace my starter but I wanted to get some other feedback. This would be my first time replacing my starter, so and advice in the best one to buy or where to get it, or evn a how to would be greatly appreciated.
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