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  2. Had the batteries load tested and they are good, will have alternator checked. What is the ground wire mod you mentioned?
  3. New code on the way home yesterday, now I have P0606. I am thinking this could be the root cause of my symptoms. If the battery voltage is low as the engine heats up could be causing a loss of voltage to the injectors. Possibly bad battery or grounds, I don't believe the grid heater relay being disconnected has any effect at temps above 70. I disconnected the heater relay because it was drawing too much voltage and the injectors were not firing.
  4. In your opinion, do the injectors look close enough or is #1 weak? This is my first 3rd gen and I'm thinking it should idle relatively smooth.
  5. I have some numbers from the cylinder contribution test + fuel pressures. @ start ©10 min. @operating temp 1. 102% all numbers within. 1. 88% 5. 102% 2% of start numbers. 5. 105% 3. 106% 3. 106% 6. 94% 6. 102% 2. 88% 2. 98% 4. 107% 4. 100% 5 min Cylinders 1-3 98% / 4-6 102% / @operating temp 97% / 102% Fuel pressure regulated output 36% Fuel pressure sensor @ idle 6990 - 7100 / set point 7019.5 @ 2000 rpm 14200- 14800 / set point 14600
  6. My only code is grid heater, which is disconnected. Rail pressure is within specs, but guessing it's time to drive it and record parameters.
  7. Truck runs fine for about 20 miles, 70mph, 2200rpm air on/off no difference. Coolant temp normal, oil pressure normal. Injectors testing good, no oil or coolant consumption/loss. No boost leaks with soap test. Truck does not smoke at start and only light black smoke when getting into it. After around 20 miles at highway speed all the sudden a trail of white/blue smoke from exhaust and the truck runs normal. I can make it stop by letting off the throttle or pushing it harder, but smoke returns after pedal is returned to normal cruise. After I exit the highway it quits smoking at speed less than 60. I'm about to drop a grenade down the intake...
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