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  1. 98 cummins

    98 cummins

  2. Trucks a 1998 dodge ram 3500 12v 47re so here is my issue the truck starts off in 3rd gear i can shift to 2nd manually but not 1st if I go to neutral then 1st it will go into first and the truck will only shift to overdrive and lockup sometimes but when it does it wont downshift unless I go to neutral then drive or down to 2nd my speedometer doesn't work sometimes it just bounces around or it floats up and down there are 4 codes that are coming up on the code reader i have attached a photo of the codes I just need help on what to buy to fix my problem im also including a photo of some kind of resistor on the pcm that the previous owner installed and some kind of overdrive controller that is on the truck as well as a noise isolator also in the pictures are the parts I think I need to buy to fix the truck update 'm guessing the 2 tps codes are due to the overdrive switch because i had to unplug the tps to plug it in update I went ahead and pulled the resistor out of the wire by the pcm and the speedometer started to work again and it seems to upshift from 3rd to od and back down now but still starts out in 3rd and I can still manually shift the rest I'm assuming the code is still there and causing limp mode so I disconected the batteries and turned on some electrical to drain all the power and will see if maybe that code goes away and if it will start in 1st pray for me update. So went and drove still starts in 3rd shifts to OD around 40 then OD lockup around 55 speedometer works just can't seem to get truck to start in 1st or 2nd without manually shifting there has never been a cel light I will need to check codes tomorrow truck is still showing same codes
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