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  1. JeffIsOld


  2. I am willing to bet he may also have an indicator also! Thank you for the response!
  3. Thank you folks. I will wrestle up some fittings and get a mechanical gauge hooked up for safety. Richard's getting old. Lost a few steps since his wife passed especially!
  4. Hello folks! My '95 2500 shows ~42 psi (factory guage) at start up in warm weather. Drops to abt 35 at warm idle. Stays abt 40 at hwy speed. Just changed oil with 15/40 Rotella and 1 qt Lucas Oil Stabilizer with Mopar filter.I My brother's 96 shows about 70 at idle and I am wondering if mine should be higher, or just an indicator issue. Found out my pressure switch/sender is on L side. I thought it was behind the oil filter. (Stupid eh) Obviously a mechanical guage would eliminate pressure questionability. Probably add one soon! But what should it be?
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