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  1. NitrousPowrdSS


  2. Ok, Tried the 2013 wheel this weekend. It did not work. Now I will try to find a 2012 wheel and see what I get out of that.
  3. Bought another wheel from eBay. Its a 2013. Gonna put a power supply on it and see what I get for signals out of this thing.
  4. Horn is routed through the right side switch on both. Circuit is exactly the same except for wiring color.
  5. I have looked over the diagrams and all the connections are the same in 2012 as they are in 2011. The only thing that changes is the hardware. The only thing I can think of is that the output of the switches is different.
  6. I am looking to put a 2012 steering wheel into my 2011 truck. I want to do this to get rid of the stalk that the cruise control is on and I think it is better looking with the button arrangement. I have seen a few threads where guys have bought the newer wheel and when they installed it the buttons did not work. I have looked over the wiring diagrams for a couple of days now and I see no differences in the way these two steering wheels are wired. The buttons are the same, just in a different place. I have yet to do any testing to see if the outputs have changed but I would also need to buy the new wheel first before I can do that. Does anyone here have any knowledge or information as to why this will not work? If not I guess I will have to be the guinea pig. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Dante and I just registered for the forum. Ive lurked around here enough I figured i better register and say hey. Lots of good info here. Been really using it lately.
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