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  1. yankel crespo

    yankel crespo

  2. I replaced the FCA about two weeks ago I have no code nor the light of the mill I have also monitored the pressures with my snap and everything looks normal or also replace the return valve back of the head. question is there any way or some company that can send my injectors to check
  3. when I accelerate and release the pedal. It does it all the time in parking and when it is driving
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gj5iDC9hhc&feature=share
  5. problen fix The problem come from return check valve Get a stick 1AB57061-FEF9-4CBC-8830-3E4DB4C21F94.MOV
  6. today I took it to my local mechanic and we proceeded to do injectors to test after that he told me that my problem is not the inllectors the problem is in the valve relif drains my truck on the road it works perfectly only when I put it in park it begins to feel a loops
  7. I have it 2004 ram 3500 5.9 The symptoms I have is wen engine warm truck star mis intermitenn in lower idle i check my injectors workin perfet wen i pushe foot in brake no mis wen i turned a/c on wen awaite
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