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  2. I have no idea. Dont have a gauge for it When I had it on the laptop they said it was fine. That was 3 months ago when it still felt the same sluggish way
  3. I have boost egt and trans gauges, truck falls on its ***. Idk if I have a corrupt file in my ecm or what, I run it on 2 timing 2 tqm and level 9, if I didnt put out smoke I'd swear my truck didnt have a tune on it lol. I have had my truck on the laptop while running and everything seems fine
  4. Ever since I put the smarty s06 on my truck its felt as if my truck falls on its face non stop. What are issues it could be? Also wondering if I should switch to quadzilla. 2003, stage 3 trans afe stage 3 intake. Stock fuel system, and stock injectors/turbo
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