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  1. Jesniccad


  2. On a different subject my auxiliary portion on my key does nothing I have no power where would I start diagnostics
  3. That’s just ABS and brake light haven’t had those in 12 years happy I don’t
  4. Yeah I felt like it was 1700 but it isn’t i don’t get thrown back in the seat though when I drive it
  5. I have been tracking mileage even pulling heavy loads it’s 11 mpg
  6. No I replaced the pump about four years ago with a used one to get me by and I’ve put probably 4000 miles on it since then now I’m driving it 500 miles a week I noticed bad mileage
  7. That is how he found out I had a 29 is looking at the last two numbers and calling Bosch up If I do decide to replace the injector pump what pump should I go with and who should I order from?
  8. 1850 rpms 71 mph More like 1900 He told me my truck sounds more like a 12 valve not this nappy sound of a 24 valve so he thinks that Paul is creating the wrong timing He thinks it doesn’t have the snap of a 24 valve and the pump is creating the wrong timing
  9. He told me that the pump I have is for commercial and ambulance services and is not the right application but I could search around and find a different key that fits the pump if I can find one .you guys think it’s hog wash this theory?
  10. He said it’s a 27 not a 29 and he thinks the key that’s in it is the wrong timing key
  11. They said it is only pulling 18 psi of boost and it sounds like a 12 valve now They checked for leaked and pressure and codes all is good
  12. I ended up taking it in to a local diesel shop they told me that my used injector pump that I’ve had for four years is actually the wrong pump for the truck and that that would affect the fuel mileage 4 to 5 miles per gallon I’m going to replace the pub and I will let you guys know if that fixes the problem
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