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  1. I purchased the 50hp brand new bosch from Diesel Auto Power. I could pick them up in Salt Lake City when when i was there only 2 hours away so i could get my truck on the road faster. My truck has the all metal intercooler.
  2. I got brand new bosch injectors runs so much better. Much happier with my truck. I also had to have a reflash on the computer TSB EXTENDED CRANK 18-19-04-21 it has to do with Clutch on the G56 interfering with the crank sensor. Things are much better now. Thankyou everyone for all of your help.
  3. They did all the Electronically and will a fuel pressure gauge on the lift pump. It passed everything Rail pressures, cp3 pressures, cylinder balance, just hard to start when hot. I was upset that he didnt check this the first time and i had to pay a second diag fee
  4. Well the truck has high return on the injectors. So this means they are on there way out? Is it risky to still drive it? What does everyone think of Injector brands?
  5. Its a six speed. I took it to a shop to have the injectors tested. They said the injectors tested fine but i am unsure if they did that test I will have to get ahold of them.
  6. Injectors and cp3 tested good and the lift pump is running good. Still sometimes just cranks over over and over. What else could it be?
  7. I have been reading about the relief valves giving people problems. Is it okay to just put in the plug or is that a bad idea? I have read it makes the trucks run better but i dont want to hurt my engine
  8. I will try that in the morning and see what happens and let you know. thankyou for your help
  9. In a new development it only does it now when it is hot? DO i need to take it to get it tested or is there a way i can do it?
  10. I dont have any gray or white smoke at idle or ever just the really hard starts. With the pump jumpered it seams worse now. Where should i go now?
  11. Does the fuel pressure go low and the return go high because the injectors are not Giving it the fuel?? IT has 75000 miles on it but i put the air dog on when i bought at 72000. If one is slobbering like that make it smoke intermitently
  12. IF it is needing injectors will that make it smoke (black) really heavy sometimes and not all other times? Expecially smokes bad if it idles at for a little while after its warmed up.
  13. Okay i was just making sure no one waited longer than that. I put in the wire the air dog runs all the time when the key is on but i drove the truck about 4 miles than parked it and shopped for about 24 min. when i came out and started the truck the light went out and than started to crank it and it cranked forrever before it started. what else can i be? Once running it runs great lots of power and no troubles
  14. quick question for everyone. How long does everyone recomend waiting until you try to start the engine?
  15. Thankyou guys i will try this and let everyone know how it works
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