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  1. Well that's unfortunate! Is there some sort of advantage to the spray angle of DDP for a certain application or is it just messed up? Sounds like move 1 should be different injectors for the smoke management.
  2. Adjusted 1500 rpm to 14* and my injectors are "150hp" which I think are 7x.010. But I'm also running the big fuel line upgrade, airdog150 lift pump and "high output" vp44. Advertisement said worth 100hp whatever that is good for. I have a feeling with all this fuel stuff it pumps way for fuel than the truck thinks it is. But managing it down low has proven difficult!
  3. I did! But dang it is low. Using valet power to start with my 0psi level it needs to be at 65%. And can bus is backed off to 60%. I dropped timing a lot under 2000 rpm. Down to 12* and 16* for 1500/2000 respectively to help the turbo spin up. As well as using the low psi timing reduction. This seems to help as once I get over about 10-15psi the exhaust cleans up significantly. Just one puff of smoke when I push the throttle then a slight haze if I stay on it. It's a slug off the line at 65%. But I noticed it responds much better jacking up 0psi fuel then dropping it to 65% by 2psi. It comes o
  4. I've been fooling around with moparman1973's tunes on my 2nd gen cummins and figured smoke was just a way of life. However I was recently cruising threads and saw a comment alluding to a required step to adjust something when tuning for a truck with large tires and tall gears. I think I have the absolute worst case for this issue so help or guidance where to adjust would be greatly appreciated. My concern is not mpg but rather managing the fuel and timing curve to light the turbo well and hopefully minimize smoke 2001 5.9 valair twin disk nv4500 3.56 with 35" tires. SB intake
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