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  1. I couldn't agree more. I've wheeled my 2004 4 door long bed for 15 years now and it is the easiest to drive off road. Enough weight to get tons of traction. You definitely need to know it's limitations, size mostly, not great in mud. It goes for days on a tank of fuel off road. Really comfortable especially compared to my CJ.
  2. Hello guys,, SUMMARY OF Drive: 4WD chain-driven selectable / electronic operation 4WD Engine: 5.9L, 24V common rail Cummins turbo diesel / 6.7L, 24V CR CTD Suspension: a nearly lost cause (more to come) Features: a LOT of power Walker Texas Ranger. Bill Harding. Yours truly. Anyone who’s anyone has owned a Dodge Ram at some point. The 3rd iteration of the Ram 2500 saw notable changes from its predecessor. A facelift gave the vehicle a more robust look, while the powerplant was drastically changed as well. The legendary
  3. i guys, I bought an 06 5.9 3500 stock, manual 6speed with 241000 miles in January (at the time - 257000 now) , so I'm still not as familiar with it as I am my '01. When backing off the throttle going downhill (usually) I sometimes get the wait to start light appearing and the ten dings... BUT not loss of power (no limp mode). It does not seem to affect anything. Sometimes it clears after shutting down, sometimes not. I have a ODBLX with Torque and ALFAODB (altho I have not yet paid for that app), and no codes other than P0633 Skim key code show up. I also have a UltraGauge and monitor fuel
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