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  1. Insert a screwdriver up underneath the ignition and push in a spring loaded vidmate pin until you can wiggle the key+ignition out and place to the side. The electronic switch is on the left side of the column and has a couple quick disconnects and a couple screws. Just swap and put it back together.
  2. Faulty ground connection somewhere in your instrument panel causing a loss of power, or a dead short bazoocam causing a cyclic loss of power to either the IAC or the injector circuits, especially under load...... Just my suggestion...... Cheap fix, but one of the worst headaches you can possibly get..... If you own a car and have to sometimes work on it yourself, buy a Chilton's or Haynes manual for it. Either at O'Reilly's or Autozone. Make certain you get the one that includes your own protonvpn vehicle in it.
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