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  1. Thanks for the info, I am going to pressure test the cooling system today.
  2. So, I keep going on forums, asking the same questions I feel like, but I just want to make sure I am making the right decision before I dive into anything. 1996 12 valve 5 spd, 325K miles (got sold to me saying it had 25K on the rebuild, love being lied to). I had some sludge looking stuff in the oil, took a sample, sent it in and got results of high potassium and sodium and some copper also (sample document attached). After the results, I changed the oil and filter. Obviously, this would mean some coolant in the oil, but here is my dilemma. The amount of coolant I have lost is very very little. I drove it about 60 miles after the oil change the other day and lost either no coolant or like 1/4" depth on the coolant overflow bottle (I didn't mark a line, but I filled the bottle to full and after driving, it was still at full). I drove it 600 miles before the test and maybe lost a pint of coolant...also with a leaking heater hose, so that contributed too. There is no crap on the dipstick, just oil. Pulled the valve covers, just plain oil in there too. The only place I can find anything that points to an oil and coolant mixture is in the oil fill tube (see picture attached) and it looks pretty nasty. No oil in coolant/radiator either. I am confused and asking for help because I don't want to tear this engine up, and I obviously have coolant in the oil (from the test), but everything I have researched has said/showed a large amount of coolant loss (gallons) and a yellow cake batter colored liquid everywhere (dipstick, valve covers, etc.). I am trying to avoid spending a lot of money to "fix" a problem that isn't there. I need opinions on what you all would do if you were in my shoes, thanks
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