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  1. A little rusty not to bad. The only thing I haven’t full disconnected is the exhaust pipe I loosened the clap but haven’t taken it off
  2. I’ve give a couple taps with mallet doesn’t even wiggle
  3. I got everything disconnected and the 4 bolts holding the turbo to the manifold loose and the turbo still won’t come off. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
  4. https://www.atsdiesel.com/ats2/productdetail.asp?p=2023022392 Is the ATS turbo but haven’t seen very many reviews on it. I’ll give a call tomorrow.
  5. Trucks been sitting for a couple months but I wanna say some where around 800-900. I do have towing tunes. My stock turbo has oil in it and I wanna replace it before it runs away.
  6. I need some advice for a new turbo. I’ve been looking at the ATS aurora or fleece cheetah. I wanna keep my exhaust brake. Anyone how they either of them work with bigger injectors? I don’t pull to often when do it’s only a 9k camper. Mainly a daily driver. 2013 2500 longhorn 45% over s&s injectors mm3 tunes by Coffman customs
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