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  1. Little update-started cappin off injectors and checked the oil it looks like fuel in the oil so I guess it looks like injectors as well. Explains the no start but not sure exactly where the leak is. I've been putting a 5000 PSI gauge on the capped injector and blew two of them up already, but acted like it was going to start with the #5 blocked but shut it down too soon because had the pressure valve blocked. Same p0016 code keeps coming back. Only blocked the #1 then the 5. Put back together and same no start same code. I probably have more than one problem going on here. I may have jumped time when it over revved. And probably have a few bad injectors. One other thing, I had gotten a little liberal with the gas rag on the breather deal and I'm worried my Turbo may also have some damage. I had quite a bit of what look like oil or maybe Fuel and soot coming out of the tailpipe and anywhere between the header and tailpipe it could leak out. LOL, this ain't looking good.
  2. 2005 dodge 2500 5.9 6 spd 4wd banks intake. Had a no start for a month but gas rag worked. Was p0251. Buddy of mine has a shop, would let me know. Over did it and pinned the tac-clutch went out. So no start and no clutch.Took another 2 wks to get a bay open to work on it. Got one open so started in gear to drive to shop (speed shift) but after 25 miles she just quit. Towed 2 miles to shop. Had a ton of codes put new regulator in. Still no go and a p0016. Cleared and it reset but no start. New cam/crank sensors New pressure limting-still no start. Been going through the harness but no bad wires yet. Losing my a__. Trying to fix myself. I day work and shoe horses and whatever else, usually can fix a truck..Anyway, I'm about to roll her down the hill-any help/ideas or advise is welcome. Thanks in advance-jb
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