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  1. Ohh don't forget the sales pitch that new is always better! New designs new feel while in reality maybe not better to many fools they believe it because they don't know what things was in the past. As i stated before many things people think is new is actually a very old idea and not modern at all. We have had cars hitting 45 50mpg back in the day. The 2 i remember and have a bit of experience with was the VW rabbit diesel and the Mercedes 300D. 45 mpg was no problem with the Mecedes with the non turbo version many times 47+mpg. I was always told if i had the turbo version over 50 was easy. Th
  2. I don't know about no road feel you just had to have a finer feel is all. Ever run heavy equipment? How does a guy in a large excavator feel a piece of wire deep in the dirt? They have pilot controls so you don't even have a direct connection to the hydraulics actually doing the work. Now this drive by wire that is the true no feeling of anything and only half control of it haha I remember the first time i drove a newer vehicle with all this "road feel" i wondered why in the word would anyone want to have the steering wheel yanking around on them all the time? It drove me nuts! I don't know ma
  3. More on the flow control valve in the power steering pump i mentioned. I first found it here on this site but now for the life of me i can't find it again. I found several other mostly in the GM world and now that is all i can find lol Im sorry to the guy that did the write up on this forum. If you see this please post your link. For now here is one done with a GM vehicle. Pump is basically the same along with the valve. http://www.gmtruckcentral.com/articles/2013/powersteeringmods/ I think i went further drilling out the middle hole then shown here. There is a hole towards the end there that
  4. See this is where me and most others differ. I have no problem spending what ever it takes to make things right. I know in the long run it will be cheaper. While many others refuse to spend much to make things right they will spend all kinds of money on cool looking things. Like lights or big fat tires lifts stereos and so on. I remember a customer who refused to put plugs and wires in his truck while it is missing so he could afford lights that shine down on his feet while driving lol All cool lights that light up while the truck sounds like crap lol It was just a few weeks ago i had a guy wa
  5. 94 to 99 use these factory. So does fords with the dana 60 well into the 2000s up to the F550s. https://www.google.com/search?q=dodge+caster+camber+bushing&client=firefox-b-1-d&hl=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjarrv5g9brAhV7Ap0JHTUFDygQ_AUoAnoECA4QBA&biw=1333&bih=632 EDIT: So you see how it is a hole different setup. Maybe it works better for these adjustments. If i ever have to replace ball joints in our 2000 dodge i will see what can be done and add what i figure out on this thread. Lack of experience doing this to the newer trucks make it hard.
  6. Well i think i change my statement on different tires. I should of asked tires that MASK the wander as i have found if you get precise enough with a alignment mud tires that really brought out the imperfection can be tamed even if they are 265/75-16 and not the 245/75-16. Please read my thread on making my pro comp extreme MT tires drive better then this truck did with the michelin LTX MS tires. Yea i traded my fierce attitude tires for the pro comps before what i learned in my other thread. It was some improvement but not the improvement the michelins was or the yokahama i borrowed awhile bac
  7. Ohh boy i started a can of worms with this title. But to me i have finally accidentally made my truck drive better to me then some newer cars feel to me. Personal opinion i guess. But non the less i think it is pretty good and i would rather drive it then the recent new cars i have drove. I can literally lay my wrist on the steering wheel and drive down the rough uneven dished roads we have around here without any problem or feel like i need to grip the steering wheel. I hope i can help someone else with what i have learned. This was done on a 94-99 truck. For 2000+ trucks instead of bush
  8. Yep i have a 99 with a factory T setup as well. It seems to be the best driving one. I did tape measure the toe after a new set of tierods but thats it. That was over a decade ago. Never had funny wearing tires on that truck till i put some fierce attitudes on it then all 4 wear funny and it don't drive as good just like the rest of my trucks wont with fierce tires. Its ok i did a nice 4th gear burnout yesterday with it just to hurry up the pain of dealing with them tires haha. Bad part is the 99 is not the truck i drive daily anymore. I wish it was tho. Seems many AT tires people like.
  9. Looking to replace control arms on a couple old 2nd gens. I am curious to know what experiences you guys have had with different aftermarket control arms? Good / bad or any advice you think a guy should know while searching. The trucks are staying stock so no lifts no big tires still daily driven work trucks. My thinking is if i am going to replace them i might as well get something better then stock. Also one of the trucks the excentric hole is wallowed out a bit from being run lose at some point. Its probably not the best to expect it to adjust correctly anymore. That one is mostly why i thi
  10. I didn't take it that way. We good. I guess i assume everyone reads everything before and pretty much know. I shouldn't do that. And well being lazy. Maybe i am to old school? i don't go for the 20" stuff unless it is say a 9.00-20 haha But yeah i get what you are saying. Maybe i should run 9.00-20"????? ha Then i may have to cut the fenders off lol Or just put the cummins in one of the trucks that came with 9.00-20. We have several and then i don't have to worry about the owners manual saying i can only carry 8800lbs. lol 17" that is some Greek to me lol That is for sport cars rig
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like several people are liking the toyo AT2. Yes i know i get lazy at times typing out the hole tire size. Most already know 245 = 245/75R16, 265/75R16 and 235/85R16 with stock wheels. Although the width and height go together in some way that i have long forgot. 245/75R16 are actually mostly shorter then 265/75R16. Width is close between the two. 235/85R16 are near the same height as a 265/75R16 just narrower. There use to be another size that started with 255 years ago that was taller then all of them but just as narrow as the 235. Now clearly brand and m
  12. That is nice and all but the dana 80 is rated for 11,000lbs and the dana 60 is rated for 6500lbs. 8800lbs total between the 2 i could over weight it with a 4 wheeler in the back lol I guess all the service trucks out there would have to be shut down because most of them have more weight then mine! It is not my fault the trucks are under rated. Either way it is still around 5 to 6000lbs on the rear right now and will be for a long time. It would be stupid to put a lighter tire on. Also all of my trucks are plated for 32,000lbs and have been there towing for a lot of miles. Clearly they are han
  13. Well I nearly took your advice today. Had a near new set of 245/75r16 10ply in front of me with cash in my pocket! Then looked at the actual weight rating of them. 3000lbs each. Yea thats not going to work very well. The rear has 5000 to 6000lbs normally then adding any trailer at all would put them tires over the limit! I think i will have to stick with the 265 size to keep the weight rating up. 3500lbs each tire gives me some head room. Still shouldn't be a issue at 265/75r16. If i have to i will go back to the 265/75r16 in a michelin MS tire. I know they drive great and they make trucks wit
  14. Non of my trucks have ever been lifted and only 1 had gone up to 285 tires many years ago. It drove great better then the 265s that i removed. I had talked about it in a previous post. I kind of feel like this reply was for a different thread? Either way the truck i drive the most now is a service truck. No way would it get a lift or oversized tires lol It simply weighs to much and don't pull many trailer anymore. If it does it is a light one as the service body is a lot of weight. Air bags can only make up so much. I have them at there max pressure as it is and still can't get the rear back u
  15. I hope i didn't scare ya off? I got to barrow a pair of yokahama tires and put them on the front. Makes the front feel better. The rear with the fierce still wonders around. Feels like a tail wag now lol Just reinforces my idea the fierce's are still creating the wonder. I guess they never fully "wear in" to a good driving tire on these trucks. Keep suggestions coming guys i appreciate the feedback. I am very very tempted to ditch these fierce tires right now for something better.
  16. Yes sir i have been around these trucks for a very long time. The one truck i have owned going on 15 years has around 320k on her and still factory ball joints, wheel bearings, and all but 1 U joint still factory. I am pretty sure you are the one i have seen around the forums for years. That is actually why i joined this forum is because of you. I remember the name. I use to play on the forums when cumminsforum was young and didn't have all the smart mouths lol I stopped helping there when the young ones wanted to argue all the time till i decided to help 1 last time and a new young admin had
  17. I have no lifts no leveling kits and running the stock 265/75/16 tires on stock wheels. We have a total of 7 2nd gen 4wd trucks. Some like the 99 i have come factory with the HD T steering some we have converted over but other then that suspension, tires and wheels are bone stock. It seems to be the same reaction no matter which truck a tire is on just the ones with the T style do a bit better. The Fierce attitudes i know are a wondering tire no matter the vehicle they are on to. I have swapped them onto fords and chevys to and then they wonder. Chevy being the least problematic tho with a goo
  18. Thanks guys! I hope opinions keep coming! I have had toyos before but never on a truck of this era. Last time i had toyos was on a 70s pickup i use to run at 100+mph as much as i could haha Poor pickup lol So they must have held the road well with that truck but at the same time i never found a tire that ever made that truck drive bad. I burned off many tires back in them days and picked up a different used par of tires probably once a month or so. Far as mud i have never wanted to put a diesel pickup in the mud but i don't get to decide when it rains so i end up being forced to. Som
  19. So what is out there you guys have found that are decent on gravel roads and in mud that don't make these truck wander so bad on pavement? I have used many tires but most rougher treads make these trucks wonder and squirl all over the road. Especially Fierce attitudes! They seem to make everything drive bad. I had a set of pro comp mud terrains years ago that drove great but they have long been discontinued for a newer version that wonder all over the road. Only other tire i have tried that drove good are the michelin MS which are a street tread. I want something that does a bit better off ro
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