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  1. My truck is a 06 2500 (5.9l with 48RE) with 260k on the body and transmission. New, rebuilt, long block was put in under 1k miles ago. The codes that it threw first, 3 hours into the drive, were P1749 and P1740. Transmission Throttle Valve Position Sensor circuit low and TCC solenoid failure. The truck continued on the interstate without any major shifting or cruising issues so I decided to let it ride out the other 5 1/2 hours home. This morning I checked the codes again and now I'm also getting the P1222, bad injectors, P2509 and P0483, bad fan clutch assembly, and P0868, transmission pressure line low. I've read that several of these codes can commonly be caused by faulty sensors/connections which is what I suspected given it continues to shift gears without much issue. However, I know P1222 code is a true fault because the truck shifts late and hard, mostly from 1st to 2nd. Before I continue to buy parts and dump money into the truck, is it common for these sensors to go bad or I am thinking optimistically. Also, I've read that after 200k, it's not a bad idea to replace all the injectors anyways especially since I'm getting an injector code, even if it's only 1 or 2. Any advice or suggestions are welcome before I start looking into getting new parts.
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