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  1. I’ll sure check this out, but it may take a few days to get back to it. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks for all the info!
  2. I do have manual electronics in what used to be an auto truck, but I swapped all electronics with the engine and transmission. So now this is a 6 speed manual with the manual electronics. 🤔
  3. Ok, here is my issue, I recently wrecked my 2002 Ram 2500 H.O. 6 speed and totaled it out. It only has 97,000 miles so I purchased a 1999 3500 with Cummins and an auto tranny to put my motor and transmission in. I have completed the engine and transmission swap and all is well....almost. The cruise will no longer work, the light won’t even come on in the dash. It worked on both trucks before the swap. Here’s another known problem, the 1999 truck had the vacuum actuator under the driver’s side battery for the cc and the 2002 cruise control is all electronic controlled. I used the
  4. I have recently found this website and it has much great content. I have downloaded some factory service manuals and as I was looking to donate I stumbled upon this topic. I currently am a freeloader (sorry), but I am about to become an annual platinum member. $100/year seems very reasonable to me for the forum support and bulk of information available. I hope all goes well with the server change and update.
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