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Show and Tell: 2010 VW Jetta TDI Engine Harness

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I need to replace the engine harness in my TDI.   I just thought I'd share some pictures:






The reason I have to replace it is because there are a couple poorly protected areas of the harness where the wire jackets suffer vibration damage. 

This is one of those spots.   The harness is wrapped with harness tape everywhere, except for here [below].  For this section, they stopped wrapping with tape, and substituted with this semi-translucent black fabric that kinda looks like really thin and very fine-pitch velcro.  This section of wire is prone to chafing as it wraps around the oil-filter housing. 


In my amateur opinion, it makes no sense to "protect" this section by removing the protective tape and replacing it with this thin cloth.  Until I saw this, I was going to add an extra layer of tape to protect it.   But now, not knowing why they did this, I'm stuck wondering if that would make it worse. 




There's also this one additional section that has the same treatment.  No Idea why. 


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