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Rebuilt injector sale- 1 year warranty

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Rebuilt injectors 1 year warranty.  Call in   801-618-2151
Add core $100
150HP SAC VP7x10sac150  $300   
75HP VCO VP7x85vco75  $250
100HP vp7x9sac100 $275
RV275 $199
Add core $150  
225HP 5x16 vco PP516vco145 $350  
150HP 6x.013 sac PP6x13sac145 $330
90HP Bosch Marine370 5x12 155* $200
70HP 5x11 sac  PP5x11sac145 $275
Add core $100  
new nozzles 7x14 SAC 155* (similar in power to 5x.018) $350
5x14 sac  PP5x14sac145 $325
4x14 155* NEW BOSCH/ NEW BODY Honed for extra power $350  
7x10 sac  PP7x10sac145 $275   
5x12 sac  PP5x12sac145 $275
5x12 vco  PP5x12vco145 $250     Aftermarket body no core
4x14 155* NEW BOSCH Honed for extra power $350
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