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This might be a dumb question.

I have a 2016 Chevy Impala LT - V6 97K miles. A couple of months ago while driving my Stabilitrak popped on and I felt the car "jerk" quickly. It's been coming off and on a few times since and I normally have my phone plugged in through a USB port and run Android Auto.

Funny thing is - it doesn't pop on when I don't have my phone plugged in.

So the other night I'm at a red light and the Stabilitrak kicked on but this time, the car completely disengaged, almost like it went into neutral. I switched gears and the indicator light with all the gears was all white. It wouldn't switch to drive or neutral or reverse. For about 30 seconds the car just stop routerlogin ped. So I unplugged my phone from the USB port and it engaged and I was able to drive to the store and home. I haven't plugged my p 192.168.l.l hone back in since and the stabilitrak hasn't kicked on. I drive the same roads basically every day so it's not a matter of the road I don't think.

Is this just coincidence or has anyone else had a similar problem? Would the Stabilitrak coming on cause the car to seize up like that

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Everything on the GM's is "fly by wire" and "computerized" and "electonicized"!!!!    It's very possible that having the draw with your phone plugged in could cause this on a '16 GM product.   I have a '16 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT............a lot less computer and wires and electronics on it...................but still on occasions, the radio will be on when I start the truck, when I know for a fact I didn't have it on when I shut her down.

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