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  1. Most "fireplaces" = a "net" loss in heat in a house. Just saying of course!!!
  2. Hope you're gonna burn that "next year". Splitting it now doesn't equate to "seasoned wood"!!
  3. Not here. I once shoveled a path thru deep snow to my wood pile so that I could stack 2-3 days worth of wood on my deck................had a deep freeze, and the line leaving my lift tank going to the field froze right where I exposed the ground to the air. It's only down about 18" there.
  4. Only about 3-4" of snow on the ground here, Mike. When it's cold like this, I'd much rather have a deeper snow on the ground so my septic doesn't freeze. It was pretty mild Fall/Winter until about 2 weeks ago................not very cold and little rain or snow. Then the DEEP FREEZE!!!!!!!
  5. 7:00am New Years Mornining.................-12*F at my place and windy......................
  6. When I had MightyWhitey, my '04.5, empty cruising 65-70mph I'd be 4-7psi of boost depending on wind and temperature. Your's seem high to me.
  7. Bilstein 5100 Shocks

    I'm always careful my friend!! Sometimes stupid; but I do a lot of research on stuff I've not done before.............so I know what to expect.
  8. Bilstein 5100 Shocks

    Been doing the reading about the front lifts/levels Mike. Most say 2.5"+ is the danger zone for stressing components. I'm just going 1.25".............which is the average for what Bilstein says for where I'm positioning the bottom spring perch snap ring. Could be more, could be less.........................
  9. I ordered these a couple days ago, and got them yesterday. I went with the 5100's because I have airbags in the rear, and am slightly higher than stock empty, and the rear 5100's are made for up to 1" of lift. I also want to raise the front a bit with the "ride height adjustability" that the 5100's offer. I believe this is a much better option than the traditional and easy way of lifting/leveling using a spacer or puck. I plan on the 1.25"lift in the front. I got the rears installed an hour after they arrived; took only 20 minutes to do both sides. The fronts are a lot more involved; as they are a "coil over" set up and a spring compressor is required to swap out the shocks. Don't know if'n I should just pull the coil overs out and take them to a shop to swap out the shocks................or rent a spring compressor and do it myself. Them manual spring compressors look sketchy at best. Anyhow; with just the rears swapped out, the ride in the back end has been transformed. No more bouncing like on a pogo stick!!! It my be a little more firm; but much more planted to the road if that makes any sense. Cannot wait to get the front end done.
  10. The neatest splitter yet

    That splitter may charge you with "sexual harassment" Mike!!!!
  11. I saved a fair bit of $$$$ and oil running a bypass oil filter on my 04.5. Never had a poor oil analysis using TP (toilet paper) as the bypass media either.
  12. Turned 30,000 miles on this little 2016 Chevy Silverado yesterday. Overall, not one problem. Gonna replace the crappy OEM shocks with Bilsteins here shortly. Colder weather hits mileage in gassers just like diesels.........10-20% drop.
  13. IIRC; I was running around 8100lbs. with my normal stuff and me in MightyWhitey.
  14. A lot "lighter and aerodynamic"??? We had essentially the same truck. "Splain please.
  15. I used to get 20+mpg quite regularly with MightyWhitey. My best was 23.x IIRC..............twas 100*F+ with a light South wind, and I was traveling North. Running the 265AC on that trip, as it wasn't humid because of the drought.