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  1. I couldn't find the old "Joke of the Day" thread; so let's start another......................
  2. Took these photos just a few seconds apart about 15 miles from my house while still on the Interstate. I had filled up in Paducah, KY before crossing back into "The Peoplez Republik of Illinoiz" for this tank of fuel. Unless it's unavoidable; I refuse to buy anything in this state any longer. I was on my way home from FL again. Not too shabby running 70-72mph.
  3. 7500 miles for engine oil is what it says in the owners manual under severe usage. Direct injection puts a good amount of soot into the oil. As for the automatic tranny; I've not changed out the filter yet, but I read/hear that they're basically nothing more than a glorified strainer. Plus it's a PITA to drop the pan to do so. IIRC; the manual says to change every 45,000 miles in severe usage. It's easier just to use my little Amsoil hand pump with a flexible tube attached and run it down the dipstick tube and pull out 4-4.5 quarts and add fresh. I do that every OTHER oil c
  4. Doing all I can there Mike. Keep y'all updated as we roll along. Engine and tranny are doing fine so far..........as I'm anal about oil changes and pull/pump out 4 quarts of ATF every 15,000 miles and replace with fresh. Since I've been doing that; the ATF is still reddish in color when I "suck it out"!!! Engine I'm changing oil out at 7500 miles religiously. Oil is still at full mark when I do so. But remember that I have the module that keeps the engine from going into V4 mode. Heading to Ocala, FL in 10 days..................another 2500+ round tr
  5. Everything on the GM's is "fly by wire" and "computerized" and "electonicized"!!!! It's very possible that having the draw with your phone plugged in could cause this on a '16 GM product. I have a '16 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT............a lot less computer and wires and electronics on it...................but still on occasions, the radio will be on when I start the truck, when I know for a fact I didn't have it on when I shut her down.
  6. How much does she charge for exterior house painting??!!
  7. I have a 8000 watt portable generator that I bought from Home Depot 10 years ago or so. I bought the plug in for the house, and I back fed it to the breaker box via a dedicated breaker. I just switch off the main breaker, and switch on the generator breaker and start the generator up. Works great. Not to code; but in a power outage I'm not looking to run everything in the house.
  8. Update. Small milestone. Just rolled 75,000 on the clock................alot of miles since I posted of couple months ago. Just 3 days ago, changed the engine oil, sucked out 4.5qts. of ATF and replaced with fresh in the transmission, changed transfer case ATF, and then changed out the differential fluid today. Pretty solid truck so far. Won't be 3.5 years of ownership until 1-13-20.
  9. Beer & The Wheel----The two .textClipping
  10. I was lazy this year; and put up almost no wood. Good thing I was almost 3 years ahead on wood though.
  11. Hunting was slow at best for ducks. Geese a little bit better. That blizzard that went thru 2 weeks prior kept birds in Canada and drove most of the locals South. Hope you enjoy the pix. Just a hodgepodge of pix.
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