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  1. Shop interior is 60x40. Peak ceiling height is about 30 feet. All open with no fan for circulation. Insulated with hard foam insulation. Insulation looks to be about 1/2" thick. Ceiling insulated with glass bat. Windows insulated and doors also. Really good shop. Just no heater! I have long term ideas in mind but short term, don't know how to proceed. Obviously, heat rises. So it would take quite some time before i may even feel the heat on certain heating devices. Unless its directional or radiant, etc. Which In this case, that may be the only alternative i have at the moment. I need to get to painting my bee equipment. But even in March old man winter is holding on tight. Miss mud season wants old man winter to kick the bucket, but they can't hear each other. So one evening, the neighbor set out an old kerosene heater free for the taking. I snatched that up! Works really well, especially free! I just put dyed diesel in it. But the btu output is left to be desired. I put it right under my work area one evening as i was working. I could tell that after some time i need to separate myself for a while from the heater due to its combustion byproducts. But, now i want to entertain something that i can use and have more heat output and be a little further from. I've been eyeing torpedo heaters. I have diesel in a drum now and use it for the skid steer. So the idea of multi application is appealing. But i also have 2 100 lb propane tanks. So i thought about either torpedo heater with propane or the radiant style on the tank type heaters. But that is a bit self defeating. Getting a wood stove or propane furnace in the shop is the goal eventually. Putting in ducting in to circulate the air better is also a goal as well. But for now, i just need a stop gap. Anyone have firsthand experiences they would care to share?
  2. Drop light come back...

    I don't use drop lights anymore. Go straight to a headlamp...
  3. Dually suggestions

    I've looked into the npr trucks. They're outrageously expensive for a flat bed. Orchards are hit and miss. Can be muddy and rutty to the extreme. Nonetheless, if i could get one i would. They're neat.
  4. Dually suggestions

    I popped that question to the guy i know, but He hasn't gotten back to me yet. I don't understand it either! When he moves his hives they are not honey laden. He harvests the supers and transports them separately. I was going to go the gooseneck route, but if i did that im limited in towing capacity. 14k is all i would want to pull. My loader is 5300lbs and a gooseneck is variable. But by the time i figure on hive weight, i can only haul 48 at best. The other issue is i would be very long and some places are too difficult to get into with being that long... This will end up being my DD for a while and the wife will drive the current one until things change and funds become available for a car. This is my stop gap for the bees and another commuter until later.. On the flip side... I talked to guy a little more and he said he has too many trucks, lol! He's willing to negotiate on price some. The previous owner hauled a boat from west washington to the basin. He said he went to get the transmission serviced and his guy found debris in it. So he did a rebuild. I really wanted a manual transmission, but i guess if i need to beef up this thing, so be it.. i might do a manual conversion down the road instead. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/153133462052318 Here is another..
  5. I want a combination of these two:
  6. Overall, a matter of issue has come at hand. In my beekeeping endeavors I have realized that lifting heavy things on consistent basis is, has and will take a toll on my back. Since then, I have set out to build contraption aid me in my endeavors. But I have come to a sort of road block in doing so. I have some fabrication experience but not enough probably cut mustard. It's more due to not knowing what is at my disposal. I want to build a hive lifter. It's essentially a dolly that I can use to lift for me and move hives around with. It is also powered by a gas motor to aid in propelling it across terrain. Boxes get heavy. Like 80 pounds a box. Trying to design this unit to handle about 4 to 6 at a time. I can get motor, clutch, drive wheel with sprocket, but need something to give a reverse feature. Anyone know where to source a small transmission to obtain this feature? I'm also not sure how to size the motor properly and what gear ratios to have. I did a calculation online but it said it would go almost 30mph! I don't need speed. Max 3mph but lots of torque. But centrifugal clutches are 12 tooth. Maybe transmission can help me out. I also need to figure out how to make it 2wd instead of 1wd. If anyone's intersted I can show the build.
  7. Dually suggestions

    I think the bigger problem at hand is how to negotiate with us Cummins owners on what a fair price is for these trucks. Here's another truck: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/184940012102246 It's got 300k miles on it but he wants 17k for it. Good grief, i can buy a newer 3rd gen for that. Talked to this guy, checked the vin, was clean. He has paperwork on the transmission. Its a 618? Huh?
  8. Dually suggestions

    I called the person on it and they were like, "yes it's a salvage. Bed was replaced and axle too". AXLE? ok, so frame damage too... She won't take less than 12.5k. I won't give more than what i do to my toilet every morning... https://moseslake.craigslist.org/cto/d/dodge-dually-1-ton/6510280867.html ^This is about the fairest ad i have seen yet... but it's an automatic. I still might consider. Fair price?
  9. Dually suggestions

    Don't think ill for the truck. Just did a vin search on it: 1B7MF33631J563234 http://vincheck.info Good thing i checked. What is it with people...
  10. Dually suggestions

    No air dog or fass, etc. Didn't even have a fuel pressure gauge. It had pyro and boost though... What's wrong with it, lol... Mine is a 53 block too. But that doesn't mean people won't keep running it despite the crack. I dunno how bad it would make it leak...
  11. Dually suggestions

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/195056857918144 Just looked at this today. It was a mixed bag on how i felt about it. It needed new tires, the dash was broke, had some sort of oil leak going on, no lift pump, aftermarket air filter. It has 293k miles on it. I offered 10k for it and she said i low balled her. After tires, lift pump, a possible vp44 replacement, and leak repair, it'd be thousands spent...
  12. Dually suggestions

    Yea, all i know about the manuals is how to shift them. Not their history... I found a few more trucks through Facebook. Priced decently. May look at them. Just as a refresher, what things should i look for again with these trucks? What about the manua transmissions? Blowby, 53 block, KDP, clutch slippage, shifting smooth or if synchro are bad. Fluid conditions, cracked dash, bent frame or bed, bad air filters, oil covers everything, lift pump presence, what else...
  13. Dually suggestions

    Haha, but then the price tends to go way up.. With the 5 and 6spd transmissions, do they both suffer from the 5th gear nut problem? Isn't the fix pretty simple? Was thinking about the cheap 6k truck as a stop gap but dunno if the transmission is suffering from the nut problem or something else.
  14. Dually suggestions

    So let me hear your opinions on this matter fellas, currently, there are a few trucks up for sale on Craigslist. https://kpr.craigslist.org/cto/d/2001-dodge-3500-cummins-4wd/6491915104.html https://kpr.craigslist.org/cto/d/2005-dodge-dually-cummins-6/6508947329.html https://lewiston.craigslist.org/cto/d/built-98-dodge-dually-4x4/6508126640.html https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/2007-dodgel-cummins-6-speed/6492144661.html There's others on eBay i have been eyeing. Several others that are just ridiculously priced also. Here's a search tempest result: https://www.autotempest.com/results?make=dodge&model=ram3500&model_kw=&radius=any&zip=83856&keywords=Dually&minyear=1996&maxyear=2002&domesticonly=1&minprice=10000&maxprice=20000&minmiles=&maxmiles=&transmission=man&bodystyle=truck&saleby=any
  15. Dually suggestions

    Im pretty torn on what to do until i get to that final resting point. Which is using a dually truck. Either i spend 7k on a gooseneck for temporary means and haul at best 48 hives because of the loader and the trucks ability to haul that much weight or just take the 7k and reach a little closer to the end goal. I'm just having a hard time swallowing what people want for their trucks. Most want over 15k for 2nd gen Cummins duallys. Some have low miles on them some have 250k plus. At that price tag i might as well buy a newer 3rd gen. The other thing I've been considering is a 7.3l power stroke. They seem to be a done a dozen. I just need it to do a job and do it well. Got a buddy who I've been co-oping with and he's running a 7.3l f350. He loves them, has two of them and swears by them. I just feel so dirty with the thought of using a Ford...