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  1. Finally got the ball joints done. Bought a harbor freight press kit. I essentially broke it with the first joint. It was still somewhat functional, but had to macgyver it greatly to get it to keep working. First side took me forever to do. Learning curve was steep. My spindles are similar to the early 2nd gens. Then getting the right configuration with limited parts, etc. What a fiasco... sometimes I wonder why I still do this stuff. Second side took me virtually no time st all to get done. Hate the old style hub and axle setup... Anyways, old ball joints were definitely worn out. Im gonna have to do this as s process of elimination. I'll drive the truck and see how the ball joints affected the truck and then go from there.
  2. I'll check the control arms and track bar. Track bar got replaced a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I'm one of those guys in a rock and hard space. Would love to spend big money bombing my truck. But that adulting part doesn't allow me... so I have to go with my best judgement and meet somewhere in the middle. Wheel bearings and hubs are good. Replaced bearings a few years ago or less. Replacing ball joints for a few reasons. One, to know it's been finally done. Two rule it out as a symptom, three, approx 265k miles of wear and tear on them. They show it. What is this over center adjustment? I'd the only result just a tightening of the internals? Never heard of this. What's blue top? I'll try and get a quick video of the box if I can.
  3. With my recent frequent usage of driving the truck, the frequency of times the pump not priming or not running has practically diminished to nothing. I have yet to encounter a time now, recently where it has not primed or ran. I. Just. Don't. Get. It. 🙄
  4. After I got my lift pump situation figured out, I started driving the truck to work more since my road was in the middle of mud season. Upon driving it more regularly, I noticed something that concerned me, ALLOT. The condition is created mostly when I go around corners. When I apply the brakes, I notice something strange also, but not sure if the two are related. Upon rounding a curve, if I go a little fast, enough to feel it in the seat of my pants, so to speak, it feels like all the sudden I hit ice. It's a warm sunny day, no ice. But all of the sudden it's like I lose some steering as if I hit ice. I end up correcting about 1/8th to 1/4 turn to stay on course. Scares the crap out of me. I do not get this condition if I'm going slow. I haven't tested low speed sharp turns either. I do get road wander. Steering wheel has about 1/8th turn slop. I have replaced the front steering components with moog. Upon braking, the truck will want to pull one direction or the other. Enough that sometimes when I let off the brake, I've overcorrected too much. Ive dumped quite a bit into the truck to keep it in road worthy condition. But something new has developed and I have refused to let anyone else drive it. Enough to the point ive taken it off the road until I fix the problem. Upon these findings, I have considered that it was my ball joints. They're still OEM and ive never been able to get grease to them. The zeros were seized up and the ball joints hardened with old grease. As we speak, the truck sits in the driveway in process of ball joint replacements with new moogs. Before I started tear down, I forgot to check things using the tires. I'll do that after reassembly though. Other findings show that the steering components look tight with no slop using the steering wheel shimmy method. Something that I did note is that at the pitman arm shaft on the steering box. It looks like it may be leaking. It also looked like the shaft in the steering box had some slop in it. Would there be a way to fix this or do I have to replace the box? In summary, I know the ball joints need done. But im not 100 percent sure my symptoms match just the ball joints or if I have a synergistic problem with them and possibly the steering box? Or is everything pointing to the box and this is not symptomatic of bad ball joints? ... sure hate chasing my tail!
  5. hex0rz


  6. I have not. I tried to work on it this weekend but the pump was working. So I drove it for 20 min to the fuel station. Filled up and the pump would not prime after the turn of the key. I said well, gotta get home, just take it slow. Then about a mile down the road the gauge needle jumps up to 30psi. Today it did the same thing on the way to work after doing a dump run. How can I troubleshoot it when it's intermittent?
  7. Im cursed. The pump is messed up or something. Occasionally only works. Going to hot wire the pump and eliminate that. Otherwise it's something else. Frustrating...
  8. He listed it on a beekeepers page catering to that. He said allot of people were asking questions. Which then led him to think that its worth what he was asking. Been seeing allot of trucks listed lately that I would consider buying. Some are even much newer and seems decently priced. A more recent listing I have across is this one: I'm getting more info on it tomorrow, but it seems very promising. Well, except for convincing the wife! 😱
  9. Yea, it's a tough one. We cummins owners are proud... He said he's pretty much firm. Sucks it's not a quad cab. He's a 6 hour drive from me so it's hard to know if it's in good mechanical condition.
  10. What would you say is fair? Has 3/4 plywood for decking.
  11. Whatcha guys know about these 97 12v? Eyeing this one but dunno anything about the 12v.
  12. Alright, so I went to work on the truck. Like all things in my life, I try before I pry. Lo and behold, I turn the key and the lift pump primed. Well, at least I don't have to deal with fixing the lift pump! Im not sure what happened. Only thing I can speculate is that the fuel gelled up. I haven't been driving it much lately since I got myself a tdi passat for a commuter.
  13. Thanks guys, I'll troubleshoot it and get back. I thought maybe it was what you said, Mike, but the fuse was not blown. This is like my 4th or 5th pump, so that's what I was expecting too.
  14. Where test? My wait to start light illuminates. The grid heaters cycled when I warmed the truck up.
  15. With the recent snow storm I was pummeled with, I had to utilize the truck today to get to work. Unfortunately, the lift pump wasn't giving me a pre start prime. Even cranked over and running, the lift pump is still not giving pressure. I checked the fuse, it's good. I swapped the relay out with a different one. Nothing. I checked voltage at fuse and got nothing. Any ideas? Pump dead? Some other electrical issue?
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