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  1. Motor restore

    Fwiw, these past couple days, I've noticed a consistent drop of an average of 200f degrees on my egts. When i put these new tires on, it dropped my mileage and my typical egt temp was at 800f cruising at 65mph. Now, I've been cruising at about 600 to 650 at 65mph.
  2. Gun safes

    I like this guys presentation, but it also frustrates me that after bashing safes, they go a step lower than their competitors and just make gun lockers.
  3. Motor restore

    I was judging quantity by engine displacement not quantity of oil or cylinder count. This is advertised to aid in cylinder bore wear. Technically if compression increases, i should have some sort of change in the seat of the pants. I'm looking to see if a change will occur on initial startup. While many report to use this for a temporary fix to get them by until they can spend the money on a real fix, many also do it because the can says you can. They recommend having it added at every oil change. I technically have another 2500 miles to go before im due for a change. I also dug a little further into what the makeup of this formula is. It's comprised of Copper, Silver and Lead. With that knowledge it makes sense in how this can do what it advertises. Its not a viscosity modifier to your oil.
  4. Motor restore

    Alright fellas, dumped a can of the 8 cylinder formula into the Cummins last night. I don't have a compression tester, but ill see if the fuel mileage changes any or if i have less blowby or any performance changes. Might have to go a while before it makes a difference.
  5. Been thinking about different oils lately since i was dealing with my skid steer and all... What about running an 0w40 oil in these trucks? I've always wondered what 15w40 was doing to my truck in dead winter startups and it not being plugged in...
  6. What about utilizing this idea in a different fashion? Triggering the grids on so they stay on longer after 18mph to help the truck warm up better?
  7. Skid steers

    Wow in blown away. I never knew this about diesels. Kinda makes me wonder what sort of things i can do to this little Kubota.
  8. Skid steers

    Okay, so what would prompt someone to do indirect injection compared to direct? Does the injection still get timed like a direct injection? Definitely seems more inefficient to me as it seems like it would decrease the likelihood of the fuel to stay atomized.
  9. Gun safes

    I spent hours on this subject more last night. I found a few noteworthy things to mention: https://www.sturdysafe.com/pages/how-sturdy-safes-are-built These two places put safes into perspective for me. Now to just afford them. The sturdy safe company intro model can get spendy and the one i would want from them is going to be a couple thousand. But it'll only hold less than a dozen firearms...
  10. Skid steers

    What does indirect actually mean? Kind of like a carburetor diesel?
  11. Motor restore

    Here's just a couple I've watched... Otoh, Restore (00012) 6-Cylinder Formula Engine Restorer and Lubricant - 12.5 oz. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Restore-00012-6-Cylinder-Formula-Engine-Restorer-and-Lubricant-12-5-oz/33753853 It's pretty cheap, and considering we go 7500 miles between changes, i think this could definitely help an engine from riding the line. I agree, there is no substitute for a freshly bored or honed cylinder and new rings. But if maybe your a person that can't afford that right now or maybe you just want shone insurance...
  12. Gun safes

    What a loaded topic... I have never owned a safe. But that time to own one has seem to come around the corner, finally. I have done research on the topic over the years and have come to realize what the safe industry is. With the vastly different ranges in safe design, its hard to choose what a person really needs... As part of my homeowner defense plan, securing my arms, my priceless possessions and sensitive information, i need to understand what's adequate. I have seen gun lockers, safes, vaults, hiding spots, etc. Ranging from cheap to high dollar. Merchants that specialize in safes willing to sell you a safe that you could only put a few firearms in for thousands of dollars. Where is that equilibrium where i can get a safe that actually will do the job its advertised but not also wipe me clean financially? I have seen many manufacturers that design the same basic safe. With that comes certain ratings. I almost feel that something is better than nothing. Call me a bad steward, but my firearms sit in the open at my house. I think this has always been a huge risk of them being stolen if i were ever to have a thief in the house. I know what design flaws come in most safes, but should one really be that concerned about a more skilled safe cracker? Some safes can just outright be carried away. I have given thought to putting the safe in the shop so it can be bolted to the floor. I Have also thought about getting a safe small enough that i could gut any upright freezer and put it over it so its concealed. Anyways i think I've begun rambling, who owns a safe, or has experiences with thieves attempting a forced entry? I would like input from those with knowledge on the matter.
  13. Skid steers

    I returned the extreme hydraulic oil and opted for aw32 hydraulic oil they had instead. Maybe used 3 gallons of a 5 gallon bucket of oil. Energized the glow plugs and it did 2 cycles before i fired it up at idle rpm. Cranked right over but had a little sputtering upon fire up. I would think that's normal for these little engines... I've never had a glow plug engine either so that's why i figured it was normal. Once i got it going, i proceeded to finally get it moving and see how it ran. What a dream! I love operating it now. I think anyone could operate it without a problem now. Now i have to get used to operating it again..
  14. Motor restore

    I must first say, I'm not worried about anything with my Cummins. It runs fine and fires every first crank. I do not think i have excessive blowby either. It doesn't smoke or burn oil excessively. But, the idea comes into mind, why not? They say to add it in every oil change. I know it's not a silver bullet, but if i can use it as a preventative, why not. Maybe i will see any increase in performance or efficiency or longevity. I hardly hear anything bad about it, but was curious to hear what others have to say about it on this forum. I think this product has allot of merit and was considering putting it in every engine i have for good measure.
  15. Skid steers

    I bought it at my local farm store. They go through pallets of this stuff all the time. I just wasn't sure if it was compatible for skid steer systems. When it comes to oils and lubes etc, i don't know much...