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  1. First, let me just say, I miss talking to you guys. My life has changed so much in the last several years. It's difficult for me to get much time to do anything leisurely anymore. But when i see a necessity, here I am. Make me feel guilty sometimes to ask questions on here. I don't want to give the impression in abusing you guys as a resource. 😬 Although I have wondered, there's nowhere I feel like I can turn to except you guys, where I can certainly respect your opinions more than anyone elses. Recently, we have gone through a spat of winter snow storms. Started last Friday and has snowed every day since then except Wednesday. We have accumulated so much snow in such a short period of time that we have lost power several times for several hours at a time. It's caused me to look harder at a standby generator to get through these patches of outages. My wife is a stay at home mom now with our one year old. It wouldn't bother me to live without power, but now I have a family at home to think about. So ive been trying to do some research and figure out what brand of generator to buy and what fuel source to decide on. Initially I was thinking of a generac with a propane setup as I want to install a propane furnace at some point also. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter? I think I want to get something around the 20kw range so we can continue on through the outage without a single thought of throttling back to conserve power.
  2. I replaced the rear diff sensor. Wondering if the computer needs reset by disconnecting the batteries? Seems like it has been coming on less and less now. Only seems to come on when I hit any bumps, but then turns back off. I've suddenly encountered a brake light switch problem now also. 😤 Killed my batteries because the brake lights were on for so long. I ordered a new switch and shimmed the pedal to keep the plunger down further using duct tape. I read that the brake switch can cause the same problems? I guess we'll see. The next thing to try is the transmission speed sensor or the ABS module.
  3. I think I could use a new truck... Seems like anytime I get in to drive my truck anymore, a gremlin has to come out of it. Winter decided to rear its ugly head and the switch got flipped. Suddenly, I'm getting DUMPED on with snow. No way im driving the little passat. So I jump in the truck, drive it to work yesterday morning. Now I get a little show on my dash of my speedo dancing around and the ABS and brake like coming on. It'll come on, turn off. Back and forth. I ordered a speed sensor for the transmission and rear diff. Which one could it be? Or is it something else?
  4. I wouldn't even know how to begin to do that... iirc, the ecm is not easy to get to. I was afraid of that being the case also... I wish that was the route I took from the beginning. But I also read the mechanical pumps went without their problems also..
  5. The plug that you connect the trigger to from the ecm, yes. It was 2v.
  6. Hi everyone, long time no talk. Ive resurrected this post. Funny how time passes and you forget what's transpired. Ive forgotten way too much... Well, suffice to say, this issue came back to haunt me again! This time, nothing I tried solved the problem. I spent a couple hours out on the truck troubleshooting it. Without really understanding what the problem was, I wasn't able to gain much ground on it. Eventually, after going through several different posts on the web, I narrowed it down. If I had remembered this post, it would not have taken so long. Ha... Well, lo and behold, it turns out my issues have all along been from too low voltage from the ECM to trigger the relay. Tested the connection and only got about 2v. If I bypassed it and hot wired everything else, the pump would run. Eventually I found ibmobile article on wiring the trigger wire to the fuel relay in the PDC. I took the black wire from the trigger and grounded it and then took the tan wire and stuck it in terminal 87 of the fuel relay. If I understand it correctly, I need a relay for the relay? Im not exactly sure what I need to accomplish with his article as the lift pump already has a relay. Regardless, when I switch the key to ON, the lift pump runs. When I start the truck then turn it off, the pump doesn't run. If I bump the key, it doesn't do a prime, but stays running. I guess for now it'll work? Can I get away with doing it setup like this for now? How can I get it back to doing a prime with the key to ON and not run until I start the truck? Im willing to deal with the way it is now, but I would hate for it to run while I'm sitting somewhere in the truck with the ignition on and the engine not running.
  7. Got a brand, part number? Napa said the kit I got from them was the only listing for my vehicle.
  8. On my previous thread, I listed various issues I was having with my steering system. Fast forward, now I have replaced all my components on the system. New ball joints, warrantied out the steering linkages. Replaced the steering box, not a red head though. I even have a steering box brace on order to just give it that much more help in ensuring it'll stay together longer. The last thing I have to tackle is my control arms. I started yesterday with the lower. Took one off and it was a BEAR! The caster cam bolt was seized and had to use a sawzall to cut it out. Then the hunt for replacements started. Sure wish I would have just ordered some sooner! I ended up getting a kit from napa, but it was the wrong size?! The cam and bolt were too big. Not having much luck finding a kit. Has anyone had to replace them before? I ordered a set from rock auto, but it does not say anything about the size and maybe a specific application. Im concerned it won't be the right one. The more and more I think about this, I'm almost wishing I would have just done aftermarket arms with adjustable heims.
  9. I went ahead and ordered new control arms. Didn't do the replacement bushings as I read that they can be a real pita. Going to warranty out my moog steering components also. After these two things, the only thing left will be the steering box. My sway bar end links could use replacement also, but not sure if this really makes a difference in what im experiencing.
  10. So it's just re meshing the teeth into a less worn out spot?
  11. A new ignition switch and lock cylinder was the fix. What a night and day difference it made. Keys are sharp!
  12. I tried the center steer adjustment yesterday. I tightened it up quite a bit. The Allen, head, that is. But the slop hasn't disappeared. I turned it about a full turn. Didn't want to go much more as I don't know what to expect. It didn't remove any steering wheel slop. When I move the steering wheel, it starts in the input to the steering box. Does anyone think this should be fixed through the pre load adjustment entailed in the TSB? Im starting to think it's stemming from a bad box? I guess this thread is evolving into more than one issue...
  13. http://dodgeram.info/tsb/1997/05-03-97/05-03-97_p27.htm It was onn the truck when I got it. So I have no idea. I tried to Google it but didn't come up with anything. Take the wheel off, goes on the hub face where the wheel mounts to. I dunno who carried them in order to facilitate this. I'll try and dig more.
  14. So I had an interesting development occur recently. In the TSB outlined for the center steer adjustment, another TSB was mentioned. In the following TSB it was an exhaustive process to cover aspects of steering issues. 27 pages worth actually! While I brushed off several of the things listed, I will still consider them if necessary. But one of the things, which was toward the end of the article, caught my attention. Once I read it through, I had a very vivid flashback of something I did several years ago. On the front passenger side, there was a 3.5mm shim on the hub. I never thought about it much and thought maybe somebody put it there for something relating to the wheel. Lo and behold, I found the shim as I never threw it out. I stuck the shim back on and took it for a drive. Maybe im experiencing a placebo effect, but on that drive, it was amazing. Night and day! Im still not going to hold my breath, but hopefully it's a step in the right direction. Im still going to adjust the center steer and see what that does...
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