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Cummins wait to start 10 ding problem?

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i guys,  I bought an 06 5.9 3500 stock, manual 6speed with 241000 miles in January (at the time - 257000 now) , so I'm still not as familiar with it as I am my '01.   When backing off the throttle going downhill (usually) I sometimes get the wait to start light appearing and the ten dings... BUT not loss of power (no limp mode). It does not seem to affect anything. Sometimes it clears after shutting down, sometimes not.  I have a ODBLX with Torque and ALFAODB (altho I have not yet paid for that app), and no codes other than P0633 Skim key code show up. I also have a UltraGauge and monitor fuel rail pressure (about 7000 at idle, and never more than 20,000 at speed - which seems a little low). I've had the %EngineLoad and HP1 stuff showing on the gauge as well (I'm not 100% certain I have that set up right) and it seems the HP rarely gets above 50 and the truck just doesn't feel like it has gobs of power.   I will sometimes tow a chipper (about 3800lbs) or a 22ft gooseneck flatbed and it really seems like there's a lack of power there. I have one really steep hill that I normally head up in 5th gear (not towing anything) but when towing the empty flatbed have to downshift to 3rd as it dogs something fierce and throws black smoke.  Changing the fuel filter hasn't made any difference, air filter is clean.  https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/

I had one guy suggest that it might be the injector wires getting squished under the cover. He had a scanner of some sort and claimed the injectors were not blinking correctly on the graph - he wasn't too keen on showing me too much...   I haven't taken him to anyone yet, but I'm getting ready to (altho hard to find cummins people around here to trust)  as its turning into busy season for me (fire mitigation) and I haul a lot of slash and fuelwood. 

Is there anything else I can check to figure out what may be causing the lack of power and the dinging?  

Thank you!

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