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Long Time Lurker - SW Washington

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After reading mountains of threads throughout the years I've got to the point where I got some questions of my own and wanted to help out the site.


Truck Info:

2001 Quad Cab


~260K Miles


BHAF, Torque Converter, Shift Kit, Fass

Random small things like greaseable ball joints, etc


Currently in Vancouver, WA and I work as a manufacturing engineer at a facility that machines die cast aluminum transmission housing components for the GM 9T50/Ford.


I got my truck from my dad who bought it new and used it hard for 18 years as a work truck. It's towed a significant amount for an automatic with more than a couple 30K loads with concrete debris in the dump trailer. Before I got it my dad had the transmission rebuilt and unfortunately soon after the #6 piston died when the oil port got clogged. The dealer botched a repair job on the oil cooler after using sealant over the gasket. A piece of the hardened sealant got to the oil line and to the port. The motor got rebuilt by a reputable shop, but right around then we found out the head was cracked and letting coolant into the exhaust. The head got sent out to be checked, but my dad ended up just moving into a 2018 5500 since he had been thinking about it for a while.


A new head showed up but he didn't have time to fix old red. I got all the parts together and put the new head on. Today it's driving great and shifts like a new truck. It's definitely in retirement now and get the odd trip to the hardware store or tows my 9k fifth wheel a few times year. I'm going to join my dad working with his construction business for a few years while my wife and I build a house, so I'd like to setup the truck to tow a little better and just get more info on it with the gauges and quadzilla.


Starting a thread here for my questions on the changes. Plan now is HE351CW, Injectors, Quadzilla, and gauges.

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