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  1. Dynamic, thanks for the insight. Sounds like what the others have said with regards to parts. I will likely be giving you a call later this year or early next to setup something. I've already got the pan on the way so it's easier to drain and I have a place to put the temperature probe. With regards to previous work, I have had good experiences with the shop that rebuilt it previously. My dad, brothers, and I have all had vehicles in there for work ranging from basic servicing to full blown rebuilds.
  2. I'm mainly curious what changes to the 47RE you think are necessary for 300hp ,350hp, and 400hp? I'm guessing there are a more than a few people that would be interested to hear.
  3. Yeah. I bumped that thread to hopefully hear from BlueOx. Seems like a great option for a new turbo that should be easy to mount up. If it is all that it seems.....
  4. How's the ankle @Blueox01? I'm also curious how the turbo is doing if you've gotten it in? Seems like a great option on the realm of HX35/40, HE351CW, etc.
  5. I ended up ordering them the XDP. They had all the right faces and the gauge pod I wanted. I did end up going with a transmission temperature gauge over the fuel pressure for now. I have a 5 psi warning light right now and plan to add a fuel pressure sensor to the quadzilla when the time comes.
  6. Sounds good. I'll start talking to Dynamic about what components would be a good fit. @Mopar1973Man The IssPro EV2s are a go even if I don't end up doing any turbo/injector work. I'd like to have them in before my Halloween camping trip to the coast.
  7. Thanks for all of the good insight everybody. It will probably come down to what is available when the time comes. I have seen used turbos come up locally, but they either are a good price and go fast or they sit forever. When you say trans upgrades, what do you think would be required beyond the single disc torque converter and shift kit?
  8. Thank Squire. From reading it sounded like a torque converter and shift kit would be good for a jump in power of it wasn't extreme. (75-100hp) After that it seems like you want a new input shaft and a valve boby upgrade. The HX35/40 could be another good option. I will do a bit more reading into them.
  9. CatalystGilles


  10. I've got some questions about the upgrade path for my truck. Intro thread here with some more info and background. Truck Info: 2001 Quad Cab Automatic/HY35 ~260K Miles 4.10s 285/75R16 - 33's BHAF, 4" Turboback, Billet Singe Torque Converter, Shift Kit, Fass Random small things like greaseable ball joints, etc I'm happy with the truck when just driving around, but I feel like it could use some more power when towing my fifth wheel up some of the passes in WA/ID/OR/MT. It'll definitely do it, but i've had some steeper grades where keeps
  11. After reading mountains of threads throughout the years I've got to the point where I got some questions of my own and wanted to help out the site. Truck Info: 2001 Quad Cab Automatic ~260K Miles 4.10s BHAF, Torque Converter, Shift Kit, Fass Random small things like greaseable ball joints, etc Currently in Vancouver, WA and I work as a manufacturing engineer at a facility that machines die cast aluminum transmission housing components for the GM 9T50/Ford. I got my truck from my dad who bought it new and used it hard for 18 year
  12. Very thorough write up. I'm getting organized to do this same swap and this will be critical in getting it done. You're mounting of the standard wastegate is also a plus since I want to retain it rather than go to the spring gate setup.
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