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Just did this a few weekends ago.

Take fuel lines off (injector lines, supply line, return line)

Take throttle cables off

Unplug shutoff solenoid

Take off oil line

Pin the pump timing (after you have broken the nut on the timing gear loose, otherwise the slight play when breaking the nut loose will break the plastic on the pin)

Pop timing gear off with gear pulled

Take fuel filter housing out so you have room to pull the pump back

Take 1 mounting bolt out of the bottom of the pump

Take the other 3 or 4 bolts out of the timing case

Think thats it, just pull kinda hard because it has a seal in the case, not overly hard just enough to pop it out, its rubber so if you're taking the crowbar to it you might have forgot a bolt. I got a million pictures so give me some time and I'll throw a how to together as fast as I can right now, have it done in an hour or 2.

--- Update to the previous post...

Alright I apparently have a million videos of things more in depth about the pump than the actual taking off the truck part. I ran out and just made another video. Hope it isn't too crappy, made it with my phone since camera is dead. I know its all over the place on lighting but I hope it helps you. If you could tell me which things are holding you up I could go into a lot of detail about them with a lot more pics (in the daylight tomorrow, maybe even in the early morning before work).

Here is a link about timing and the timing pin I am talking about. http://mopar.mopar1973man.com/cummins/2ndgen12v/p-pump/timing-check.htm

Here is the crappy vid.


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Dude thanks so much, not to crappy when it helps me. Tommorow after school im doin this haha.:hyper:

If you need more help my phone number is on my profile on here.. That thing comes out pretty easy but I know theres some things that might hang you up or you just might have a question on. If you're good it can be taken out in 45 min, supposedly. Think I pulled it off in 4 hours doing my usual starring and taking breaks and pre/post breaks. Still, if you need more vids, anything, just let me know and I'll get it. I'll take the thing out again if need be.
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