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  2. Seems to be some confusion around other parts of the interweb so I will go into full blown detail and end it all. Diesels technically need an air to fuel ratio (A/F) of only 14.5:1 to have enough to burn all the diesel, however, in practice this ratio needs to be around 18-24:1. Even higher ratios are sometimes needed to stomp the EGT back down where it belongs. But the misconception is that boost is everything and nothing else matters. Although I said 18-24:1, I will use 18 for this entire article to keep from writing the entire 18-24 bit. Just remember that this is only for an example as rat
  3. ISX

    KDP Repair/Timing Cover

    KDP Repair/Timing Cover Leaks This will go over fixing the killer dowel pin and/or fixing the oil leaks that the timing cover is renowned for. I know I have things still on it in the video and did things backwards and stuff but do it the way I list and it will be a lot easier, I just took everything off that I needed to come off but doing it the way I list will save you from having to deal with a few things I ran into or it will keep you from getting close to messing something up Take
  4. ISX

    How to Change Your Oil

    A while back there was some talk on getting some guides on doing the things we normally seem to take for granted, like the knowhow of changing your oil. Theres some things some people may not know so I figured I would go over them all. If anyone has anything else to add, by all means let us know. Alright here is the writeup on how to do this. The first thing is to try and get as much oil as possible into the oil pan. An engine that has been running recently (within maybe 3 hours) still has a lot of oil all over the engine interior and you need to let as
  5. ISX

    Valve Adjustment Alternate Method

    WARNING! This procedure must be done with a cold engine. Engine coolant should be below 140°F. I set my valves today, figured I would show everyone how I do it. As long as you know the firing order and valve lash (which are both on the cummins id tag) you can set the valves. This is called the valve overlap method. Basically the pistons have running mates. Running mates are pistons that go up and down together in exactly the same positions, as in they both hit TDC at the same time. The difference is that one of them is on the compression or power stroke,
  6. ISX

    Switched Grid Heaters

    Switched Grid Heaters For those wanting a switched grid heater, here is how to do it on a 12V from 1989 on up to 1997. The 1998+ trucks throw a code (P0380 and P0382) so for those with that system, you will have to just disconnect the leads that go to the grid heater itself. When winter comes, just reconnect them. The reason for doing something like this is because the truck will run the grid cycle if you run into the store or something and this is not necessary and is a load on the batteries and alternator, so why have it when it’s not n
  7. ISX

    Grid Heater

    Operation At the time you turn the ignition key to the ON position the PCM/ECM looks at the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) temperature and determines if the manifold is cold enough to need pre-heating. Typically this occurs when temperatures are below 55-65*F. You'll notice that the battery voltage will fall slightly more than normal during this time that the WAIT TO START light is lit. Once started the grid heater will continue to cycle on and off to maintain proper manifold temperature. There are 2 grid heater elements. The PCM/ECM will determine if one or both e
  8. I reorganized and relabeled everything to make it even easier yet. Also got rid of some identical FSM's. Technically the one you downloaded was the 2001 version. But it's not like it isn't the same. You can find the VIN # page and you'll see it only lists 2001. The 2002 FSM only lists 2002, but it is different from the 2001 version. I think 1998.5-2001 were all the same, and 2002 got some different things like disc brakes on the back. I am talking about this one M1973M Files using OneDrive rather than the old dropbox one.
  9. Think I've changed this post 3 times now. Dropbox has a 20GB/day bandwidth limit and a 2GB space limit. I am already at 1.8GB so it won't be long till it's full. I started to try google drive but apparently that has a bandwidth limit as well. OneDrive (microsoft) has 15GB free and no bandwidth limit. So I went ahead and moved everything over. M1973M Files Dropbox still works but I'm not going to play with it being I can't add anything to it without it filling up.
  10. The old school methods of shaft play take effect here. You check for excessive side to side and in and out play. If it is excessive, they will tear it down and rebuild it. I would take it to a diesel shop and let them feel the play and see what they think. Aside from that, there really isn't a way to test them as most shops don't have turbo flow benches. They usually just tear it down, clean it up, put in new journal bushings, balance it, and there you have it.
  11. Try this Hawkez. Pdf... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jzn2j9hq9wfgnoc/zwyZFxzXlq
  12. I haven't had a damn thing. I think one day there was white on the ground if you strangled yourself just right. There was ice a few times, not enough to even need 4wd. So it's been very very, boring. I want a foot on the ground. But it's definitely nice not having to scrape the windshield this year. Post up some pics Russ.. I've forgotten what snow looks like.
  13. Yeah I made a profile yesterday just to see, but I've avoided it till then cause it just looked like a pain. Then cowboy showed the formatting drops off. All of my articles already lost their formatting and turned into run on paragraphs. Innovation is good but geez, refinement is better.
  14. Alright lets get back to the core problem. The problem I found with the forum page is once the post is over 1 year its archived. No one can edit it not even me. Then you limited to one post on the current setup. This is also limited to 1,000 characters. No way to manage either. This is to keep the forum database from getting excessive large and creating lag on the server. The garage is a separate database table and separate picture storage. Well I can unarchive and edit so not sure what you mean on things over a year. I can sure post way over 1000 characters. I also don't think a
  15. The problem is having to click a bunch to get to it, then clicking more to get to the pics and its all just very complex. I just added a vehicle and I can see what Mike is going for. It asks you to fill in a bunch of basic info that describes your truck. It then creates a thread in the members rides section to simulate the function members rides had. But, look at this cowboy http://forum.mopar1973man.com/index.php?/topic/9519-vehicle-testing-1-2-3-2005/ So there's formatting issues. There's so many complexities that it invites problems like that. However, it is the customization of ev
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