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  2. Alright. Well for now I will just leave my pressure gauge on it. If or when it dies I will be able to watch it. I have a pretty good code reader that can also see live data. I might plug that in and watch things whenever I take it down the highway again.
  3. Way ahead of you there boss. I did that last night and drove down the freeway for about 45 minutes. Pressure held steady between 35-40 at the rail all the time. Interesting thing is it never died last night though. Maybe Ill leave that gauge on there until it dies again.
  4. I sure hope its not a float valve being this is fuel injected What throws me is it will start right back up again as soon as I get stopped. No sputtering or coughing. Just starts back up like normal. I would think its an intermittent short someplace but it has only done it at freeway speeds. We bounced around logging roads for a couple hours and it never died. Its definitely got me stumped.
  5. Well I put a fuel pressure gauge on it and drove down the freeway. Pressures held steady and it never died again. Still not sure if it was the fuel pump or not. I hate intermittent problems!! Any idea where to go next?
  6. Did a fuel pump solve that problem? I think I am going to put a pressure gauge on the rail and watch it while I cruise down the freeway. Then I can see if its a fuel pressure problem or not.
  7. Hey there guys. I got my self a cheap rig from a buddy. Its a 2002 F-250 5.4L gasser. Its got a lot of miles on it but I got it for a good price. I am having an issue with it that I am not sure where to start checking things. I picked up the truck a couple weeks ago and its ran fine until today. I should specify I have been doing some maintenance things here and there to the truck. Changed fuel and air filters last night. Changed the cruise control disengagement switch and harness plug also. After about 10 minutes on the freeway today the engine just cut out and died. Got pulled over, shut the key off. Cranked it over and she started right away like normal. Then it was fine the rest of the trip. We did about 30 minutes of slow forest service road driving and it ran fine through all of that. Then on the way home it died twice on the freeway. Both times it started right back up like normal. I am thinking maybe a fuel pump issue. The old fuel filter was pretty well plugged. Maybe now that everything is free flowing the pump cant keep up at highway speeds? I have not checked fuel pressures or anything. I also dont think its a short or wiring problem somewhere otherwise it would have cut out on the forest service roads which were more bumpy than the freeway. What do you guys think??
  8. Definitely time for a boost test. I know the power stuff sounds like fun and games but depending on what you are running for a lift pump that would be my very first upgrade at this point. There is no point in big power stuff if you cant provide the fuel to use it. Then some good RV275 injectors and call it good. That coupled with the Quad will be everything you could ask for if you are sticking to you power goals.
  9. Well I called DAP today. Mine are actually still under warranty. They said just send them in and DAP will pop test the set for free. If there are any that are out of spec they will be replaced. Time will tell what happens I guess.
  10. Just thought I would update on my new engine. I have about 5-6k miles on it now and I think the rings finally seated as it finally stopped using oil. Everything has been running great and smooth. I am still having the slight mis-fire after the truck gets all warmed up. Seems to be getting a little worse actually. It still runs perfectly smooth and even right after start up but once its up to temp it sounds like one or two injectors are not firing properly or at all. I cant see any obvious leaks and I am pretty sure its not growing oil. I am going to get a hold of DAP and see what they have to say. Thats where I got the new RV275's from. Any other suggestions in the mean time? I was going to go through and see if I could at least narrow down what injector is messing up. Maybe even trade it with another and see if the problem follows.
  11. 2 Micron should be just fine. I know the factory fuel filters are about 10 micron. I think I have read places where people switched out the 10 for a 2 micron filter.
  12. I would probably start with the easy stuff. Maybe try pulling the EZ completly off the truck. If the problem goes away, that would be a start. What kind of fuel pressure are you seeing? That may also point to a possible issue depending on what that looks like. Another interesting thing I see is this problem started AFTER putting in the new injectors. Maybe its an injector issue?
  13. Is there any way that gear could get off a tooth? Asking for both me and the OP. Or is that gear pretty fool proof to pull off and put back on? Sorry, just never had to do one myself. If his gear was off a tooth would that cause the problems he is experiencing? Kind of like an old school distributor being off a tooth on an old v8. It will still run just miss and run rough...
  14. You know for sure it is coming from the oil pan? What does your oil pressure look like? What level is your oil at? Hope you didnt spin a bearing or something like that. I have never heard of an oil pump failing on one of these but I guess that would be possible to.
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