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  1. Anyone know the expected release date? I can proto some if he needs haha clearly my dash got hot in Phoenix AZ. And that was with the windshield shield and the window cracked a inch or so...
  2. OK all, those of you that are running the V2 tuning with the iQuad let’s see your phone/tablet setups!!! I am looking into buying a new one because my Samsung galaxy tab E has started to fail and the screen is separating from the tablet. Not sure if I want to upgrade to a different tablet or replace this one🤔!!
  3. @ofelas definitely fill out your signature that will help the guys with recommendations
  4. @ofelas I also decided on the 62/68/14 SXE, it is a great turbo. You can keep the EGT’s down while towing but when you wanna get moving in a hurry that turbo has minimal lag and lights HARD. With a chip you can rip the tires loose fairly easily when not loaded.
  5. JDHudsn

    V2 latest update MPH/Valet power mode issue

    @Me78569 with the update I did the reduction happens when the truck is moving like 5mph. Before it was immediately when I hit the throttle. The high idle also now kicks off as soon as the truck starts moving before the update it would high idle till I hit the throttle. For instance I would coast downhill and it would stay in high idle. Now as soon as the truck moves the high idle shuts off. @Quadzilla Power Ok sounds good. I will also flash the chip again maybe I did an old flash!
  6. JDHudsn

    V2 latest update MPH/Valet power mode issue

    @Quadzilla Power have you encountered these bugs or do I need to try an re-install the APP and re-flash my box?
  7. Anyone else seeing issues with their MPH I use the corrected Speedo feature for the quad to get my MPH. And the latest update I will go from 62mph to 67 it never reads in between. Also I use the valet mode to theft purposes and I accidentally started driving with it in valet power mode 1% and it doesn’t cut out like it use to. It use to almost stall when I would start driving if I forgot to change it. Just curious if if anyone else has encountered this prob!!!
  8. I was able to wiggle jiggle the stud into place without having to do much with the cowel. Just put the stud up in the hole found a secondary hole that went a little deeper then cleared the head and dropped into place. I wonder if they changed something between 1999 and 2002 . I recall you warning me before I did the job but I didn’t encounter it! Regardless nicely done, I just got caught up with the whole HG post!
  9. JDHudsn


  10. JDHudsn

    P0237 Code

    I’m running Moparman’s daily tune that he has posted. I was pleasantly surprised because I wasn’t trying to hit high numbers. Can you also also elaborate on the ground mod? Never heard of that method🤔
  11. That’s unfortunate to hear Mike😑. I tried to torque my studs back down after mine was spewing oil to no avail. Depending on if the coolant has pushed the gasket out or if it just has enough of a gap to leak studs could possibly fix without a complete tear down. Worth a shot if your buying studs anyways 🤔. Any radiator fluid on the dip stick?
  12. Gents I need some expert opinions! I just had a p0237 code pop up. My truck is running very well and I just averaged 19.7 MPG @70 MPG on the freeway (hand math). Now I have done some preliminary research and I see it’s the map sensor.. I cleared the code and am running the truck. Unfortunately I have an elk hunt that starts Friday and I leave Wednesday morning (not much time for repairs). What causes the code? Boost leak? Faulty connections? If it comes on again I will be in a different state and it’s up in the mountains do I need to be concerned? As I mentioned above my truck doesn’t seem to be missing a beat but I’ve read the map sensor can effect performance. And if I’m towing a trailer up the AZ grades I don’t want to have issues
  13. JDHudsn

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Quadzilla Power ok I did the new update and I lost something with the app that was previously very helpful. For example, if I chose v2 1998-2002 tuning and selected it. And I chose the anti tm tune to be active I would then be able to toggle to v2 quadzilla only for my vehicle selection. Then I would go to custom tunes click new tune name it anti tm and boom the same timing fueling backdown etc were all automatically filled to the parameters within the tune. With the update I did today I lost that ability. Not sure how old the app was on my tablet but that feature was very nice to have!! If my wording doesn’t make sense let me know I will take a vid to explain it further in detail.
  14. JDHudsn

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Quadzilla Power is the update in the google play store or is the update somewhere on the website here? I will update my tablet today
  15. JDHudsn

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Mopar1973Man I just did the lates flash above for my box do I also need to update my app? I don’t have the avg mpg reset option in my settings. Here is the vehicle selection I have chosen. I have toggled between most of them, but I am beginning to think my app is out of date