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  1. Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Mopar1973Man let me make sure I understand. You are thinking with the latest adjustment to lower my timing my cruise state load should go down? If it does then you can tell the timing was too advanced because the engine now operating more efficiently with less timing?
  2. Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Mopar1973Man ok sounds good I will have to do a little bit of adjustment. I was around 21.5* of timing at 72 mph and approx 1990RPM. You definately have a balancing act!! Here in San Diego we don’t have much winter. It was 89* yesterday😒
  3. Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Mopar1973Man thank you! On a side note my last two tanks I was getting approx 19MPG (hand math and mileage compensation for 35” tires) so hopefully with a bump in my cruise timing I’ll be able to smash that. My truck is leveled and I am running a camper shell so I’m pumped to see if a timing improvement will help my numbers 👍🏼
  4. Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    That makes sense now. At 71 it’s 22-25%. So set it at that?
  5. Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Me78569 when I set my Light throttle percent down to 15 because I am running 100 horse injectors with a bigger turbo why does my timing get significantly reduced IE, if I am going 70 miles an hour with my light load percentage at 15 my timing is only 16. However if I set my light loan to 30% my timing jumps up to 21° at the same speed why is that?
  6. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    I should say disappointed. I more or less was frustrated with every bump in the rd. With the instillation of the new head and the new turbo. I was burnt out on the project. The turbo is great. Power Driven Diesel has great customer service and great people to deal with to be honest. @Silverdodge
  7. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    I’ll take care of the studs as you said above this afternoon when I get home!! Thank you @jlbayes Power Driven Diesel was one of the only vendors that I could get to ship to ca. The 90* that came in the kit does don’t fit what so ever... However I found out my stock 90* elbow could work I just had to adjust the Turbo compressor housing a lil. Had no idea I could even do that @jlbayes how many re-torques can the ARP’s take? I’ve always wondered that. I work in structural steel and they only allow the use of high strength bolts once if it needs to be removed it’s tossed. Granted they are not as much as ARP’s
  8. Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    To decrease turbo lag should I adjust my canbus fueling curves? And what else? I’m ready to start adjusting everything to get the truck happy again still running 100 horse injectors new turbo is 62/65/12 gated
  9. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    Ok guys. Started the truck did the valve adjustments. Checked for leaks all is well. Took the truck for a spin let it get warm. Now ima let it sit overnight and tighten the head studs. Any break in period for the turbos? Or the gasket? I plan on tightening the studs next weekend or so.
  10. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    The new one has a 2.75” OD. The part is also too short to connect to my correct intercooler plumbing @jlbayes
  11. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    Ok guys next issue has come up. My new 90* for the S362 is different than my stock one. It’s a shorter bend and a shorter part in overall length. I cannot use the stock 90 because it twists the turbo (larger compressor housing) so the oil drain is passed 20°s to the side and not level to the world. Second problem is that they are two different diameters. See pictures attached. Option on one I get a coupler that necks down and is a little longer so I can make the connection. But who sell that sort of thing? Option two I find a different 90* that is a larger diameter and an inch longer but it still has to maintain that sharp 90*. I have no idea how to solve my problem but I am slowly beating this truck into submission. Persistence is gonna pay off!!!!
  12. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    I’ll upload pics as soon as I get home
  13. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    Ok guys I was trying to install my new turbo and I found this rather interesting. The stock turbo has threaded studs into the turbo flange. The exhaust housing has the other two threaded bolts. Is this normal? I was told usually the exhaust manifold has 4 studs on it...
  14. Received news that the shop tested 3 different heads... the first two had cracks similar to mine. The third head was free of cracks! Yahoo now I just need to wait for them to do a valve job and a re-surfacing and I’ll be back to the assembly. Hopefully the shop doesn’t take too long! Getting anxious about getting the truck back on the road
  15. @jlbayes the crack is like that on the exhaust valves. I’m pointing at the crack and that is cylinder 1. @Dieselfuture I have been doing some lengthy researching on this and I just saw this idea last night. This is what I found so far. I had no idea you could install new seats... lol