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  1. JDHudsn

    Hydraulic Clutch Master And Slave Cylinders Replacement

    @Mopar1973Man if my clutch feels spongy should I bleed and see if that’s a remedy? Upgrade and get a new one since I upgraded to the dual disk? Thinking I need an adjustable one since I have to burry the clutch in the floor to disengage. This video helped a lot!!!
  2. I spoke with a rep at South Bend before I posted this topic. The rep gave me an answer but it sounded completely made up. When I asked why there were burrs and bb’s on the new clutch fork he tried to tell me quality control must have missed it. With that sort of quality control I was skeptical and wanted a second opinion.
  3. Hey guys I am doing the south bend dual dish 3250-5K-ORG with the 1-3/8” input shaft upgrade as well as the 5th gear retaining nut upgrade. I am all the way to the clutch for and the throw out bearing step. I read the directions and it said to replace the clutch fork with the one supplied in the kit. However it is poor quality compared to the OEM one. Will I have issues if I do not use the south bend one? I’m looking for an education on this because to me these parts look very similar.
  4. JDHudsn

    P-Pump 24V with V2 tuning

    @Mopar1973Man how long did your original VP44 last?
  5. JDHudsn

    P-Pump 24V with V2 tuning

    @Quadzilla Power So why did the VP44 get such a bad rap? The reliability of the early pumps due to weak lift pumps?
  6. JDHudsn

    P-Pump 24V with V2 tuning

    Ok guys I need some schooling. Can you run a P-Pump on your 24V and still have some V2 tuning options? Or do most of the tuning parameters lie within the VP44?
  7. @GSP7 the guy is asking a lot, more than $18K. However, I listed my 99 24v for $20K and I have had multiple people asking to see it. The price of these trucks in Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona is through the roof. Especially if they have less than 100K on them and are 4x4 5 speeds.
  8. I am having a hard time explaining what I’m after. I don’t want to necessarily plug anything into the truck I am more looking for let’s say a “box” under the hood that has say 5 wires that run from it. For instance, if you want the egt’s, boost, coolant, fuel pressure, intake air temp etc. you take those specific wires and put the sensor in the appropriate spot that sends the signal back to your “box” then your box sends a signal with your information to your monitor in the cab.
  9. @Mopar1973Man crap haha I was afraid of that. Let me put put it this way is there a plug in computer to hook a bunch of 12 volt gauges to all the necessary places that put out a Bluetooth signal that can be localized on a single LCD screen like I have with the Quadzilla? I may may be OCD but I like having a super clean look and this is what I am after
  10. @dave110 the truck is a 97 so that might be exactly what I am looking for! I figured with all the new technology out there there had to be something out there!
  11. I may be purchasing a 12 valve in the near future that is 100% bone stock with only 60K miles on it. Is there such thing as an all-in-one LCD display that can display: fuel pressure, boost pressure, oil pressure, radiator temp, tranny temp, intake air temp, EGT’s, etc? I have a quad on my 24v and it’s really nice having one screen with all my info right there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. JDHudsn

    Floating Gears

    @Mopar1973Man based on my application what are your thoughts on this clutch? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sbb-sdd3250-5k
  13. JDHudsn

    Floating Gears

    @Marcus2000monster when shifting you should have s slight pause in neutral before going into the next gear
  14. JDHudsn

    Floating Gears

    If you’ve been driving the truck for a few years you might be better at it than you think! At least I feel like I am. None of the gears need to be forced in. I shift around 2K rpms when up-shifting
  15. JDHudsn

    Floating Gears

    @Marcus2000monster Correct no clutch once I have the truck moving. If you are smooth enough it literally goes into the gears like butter. Only when down shifting do I need to tap the throttle to get it into gear. @Mopar1973Man what are the cons other than the syncros? If it’s detrimental to my tranny I will just bite the bullet sooner