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  1. JDHudsn

    Floating Gears

    @Mopar1973Man based on my application what are your thoughts on this clutch? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sbb-sdd3250-5k
  2. JDHudsn

    Floating Gears

    @Marcus2000monster when shifting you should have s slight pause in neutral before going into the next gear
  3. JDHudsn

    Floating Gears

    If you’ve been driving the truck for a few years you might be better at it than you think! At least I feel like I am. None of the gears need to be forced in. I shift around 2K rpms when up-shifting
  4. JDHudsn

    Floating Gears

    @Marcus2000monster Correct no clutch once I have the truck moving. If you are smooth enough it literally goes into the gears like butter. Only when down shifting do I need to tap the throttle to get it into gear. @Mopar1973Man what are the cons other than the syncros? If it’s detrimental to my tranny I will just bite the bullet sooner
  5. @mopar440cu my best advice would be to borrow a calibrated torque wrench. I bought a Tekon off amazon to do the install. It’s was a POS. Both times I torqued my studs I did one at a time and stepped them up to spec. I can tell you after I did the sequence with the Tekon and came back with a Proto torque wrench and I was able to get a full turn on the first 4 studs and by that time the next few studs were only finger tight..... also after about a week or so of heat cycles I took the rockers off again and checked everything. If you do your work yourself it’s worth the extra step. Trust me I did a head gasket all myself. It’s a PITA
  6. I ordered the same turbo back around Black Friday for my truck. With the quad and the custom tuning you will be able to light that turbo and get moving in a hurry. I saw you have a built tranny so you will be happy!! The guys here offering knowledge definitely know what they are talking about they offered the exact same advice for me! If you’re not running studs don’t adjust the waste gate all that much. I had a faulty torque wrench when I installed my ARP’s and promptly blew my head gasket. I think it was a combo of added boost and “loose” head studs
  7. Alright guys how many of you know how to float your gears in your 5 or 6 speed cummins? Recently I tried it for the first time and it’s surprisingly easy to do no grinding and no resistance when shifting. I also tried it in my Jeep Wrangler with lil trouble. I’ve found quite a few older posts regarding the syncros suffering from floating gears but is that only because people aren’t doing it right? The reason being is that my stock clutch is slipping. And I’m trying to buy as much time as possible. Any advice or personal experience would be greatly appreciated!!!
  8. Oh no those are permanent freeze plugs I hope🙏🏼!! I remember seeing those when I did my tappet gasket 😅.
  9. This is sounding like a large project.... haha darn it! Great question I’ll have to ask
  10. I thought there was 1 on the back and 3 on the passenger side?
  11. The Freeze plug is completely gone. I have a hunch that my truck sat for many years. When I replaced the thermostat a long time ago the head looked like it had almost rusted something. Maybe the antifreeze went bad and etched the head🤔. How difficult is it to get the remaining 3 out?
  12. Ok guys I was towing my boat home from the lake as I was going up a hill in town I encountered a MAJOR problem. I dumped my entire coolant system. I just did a head gasket about 10K miles ago. I run ARP’s and I have an upgraded turbo. I know it’s leaking from the back of the block. Any guesses to what my problem is?
  13. JDHudsn

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    Alright guys I just had a 500 mile rd trip on relatively flat ground. I was finding so very interesting results. I have my own custom daily tune to keep the smoke at bay but if I lay into it she fuels hard. I also have downloaded loaded the dyno tune and I decided to try it on the open rd. The first two pictures are from my daily and the second two are from the dyno. Look at the throttle position and engine load... Im beginning to think the dyno tune at speed is actually a decent MPG tune
  14. JDHudsn

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Mopar1973Man let me make sure I understand. You are thinking with the latest adjustment to lower my timing my cruise state load should go down? If it does then you can tell the timing was too advanced because the engine now operating more efficiently with less timing?
  15. JDHudsn

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Mopar1973Man ok sounds good I will have to do a little bit of adjustment. I was around 21.5* of timing at 72 mph and approx 1990RPM. You definately have a balancing act!! Here in San Diego we don’t have much winter. It was 89* yesterday😒