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  2. Gents, I have done some searching online and have not been able to solve my problem. Under acceleration I can hear a squeaking noise while accelerating however when I am decelerating in gear I can also hear the noise I believe my needle bearings have worn out on the u joint it’s self. Granted the 20 to 80 mile an hour pulls don’t help much🤦🏼‍♂️. Any help with the sizing would be greatly appreciated. Spicer sizes preferred!
  3. @Unreal Summit https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B074PD1GNY?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_pd_title this is by far the best mount for the Samsung galaxy tab e-lite. I went through 5 different mounts. Tighten the allens on the mount in the link above and it’s rock solid!! There are two Allen’s one in the base and one on the side
  4. The tabs don’t exist. From the research I’ve done there are 3 different sizes. The I just don’t know what size is correct. Would a new strap kit have the tabs? My yoke is unmolested and I think it’s a hybrid u joint 1330 on the drive shaft and 7250 on the yoke?
  5. Gents, I replaced my front u-joint at the pinion yoke a few months back. I was in the process of installing my posi lock when I noticed I had another problem🤦🏼‍♂️.... The caps on that u joint fell out. Does anyone have a spicer part number? I have also attached a picture from my buddies 01 and it has a different yoke that retains the caps. I cannot seem to get a definitive answer for the correct u joint. So so far I think I need a spicer 5-7437x but I am still not for certain. Anyone have any ideas? Also, I’m not opposed to switching over to another brand.
  6. Ok gents found a map locally got it installed and she is back and very much alive. No more limp mode!! However it still reads 1 psi at idle. Anyone else experiencing that? My factory MAP always read 0 at idle.
  7. ok I have a constant 5v to my map sensor. The oil pressure sensor has always been giving me a good reading. The MAP’s online are $24 but in the parts store they want $120... OUCH
  8. Sounds good gents. I’ll be trying to tackle this problem today! I’ll periodically check in and let you guys know what I’m finding. Thank you!!
  9. @dripley electrical demons in the harness are so much fun... haha oh well I guess we can’t expect these dinosaurs to be maintenance free all the time! I was also wondering if it could be the iQuad pigtail harness that connects to the MAP sensor and another sensor?
  10. @dripley did you follow an article to fix the 5v wire?
  11. @Me78569 ima check it in the AM. When I limped home I think it read 0 the entire time on the quad As I was driving the truck as soon as I shifted to 3rd and got on it it seemed to defuel and not allow any boost to build. Prior to the limp episode the boost would read 1psi at idle and when you’d let it idle in level 0 it would read 2 psi.. I thought that was always a lil weird. Back when this issue first popped up I bought the replacement MAP on amazon and then I installed it prob mid November. Could this MAP sensor be the culprit?
  12. @IBMobile if I don’t have any diagnostic tools other than an OBD2 reader and a volt reader can I still test the volts to the sensor?
  13. @IBMobile ok got Everything taken care of. The p0237 will clear and immediately comes back on!!!
  14. Do I remove it at the PDC? I am all the way there I believe. It’s right at the fuse block under the hood correct? @IBMobile
  15. “Now you show be able to have both the ground lead and the alternator charge lead loose now. I will admit the alternator lead took a bit of work to release at the knot of tape on mine where it breaks out of the loom heading for the PDC.” @Mopar1973Man What do you do with the charge lead? Where do I cut it or do I unhook it from somewhere? I’ve searched @W-T‘s article as well with no clear direction and I want to do it right!
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