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  1. PDD is Power Driven Diesel. It’s a company out of Utah that I stumbled upon while getting ready to rebuild my truck. They sell a Ultimate Towing Compound kit that someday I would like to finish. It’s a K27 over a S369. They dynoed at 690hp and 1400+ftlbs all with zero lag. They have a YouTube video of the dyno run. They actually have a ton of good content on YouTube. As far as spool it’s completely different than my HY. It’s a little louder but a more tolerable tone, it’s a lower scream vs ear piercing like the little HY. And it follows the pedal man, barely touch the throttle and it starts coming to life! I love it! Heres a quick video right after install.
  2. I was between the K27 and the s200 as well...I ended up going with the K27 since it has the 360 thrust bearings and the s200 doesn’t. That’s why PDD went with the K27 over the s200 for its Towing Compound secondary turbo. They said the K27 was super robust and a very resilient little turbo. If you call those guys it’s amazing how many of the guys that work there run the K27, they all love them! I’m sure both would work very well for your application!
  3. I might have to give one of these a shot, or just order the in-cab controller that PDD makes. If I keep my wastegate like I have it now, I can’t utilize the wiretap portion of the Quad due to overboosting and the Quadzilla defueling at 45psi. Canbus alone gets me close to 40psi. I just need to play with it I guess. I’m amazed at how much air this little K27 can push and how there is no lag...it’s makes boost as fast or faster than the old HY. A puff of smoke and it’s clean almost immediately and never any more smoke or haze after that. 1-30psi in a instant! I think having a stock stall triple disc converter helps too!
  4. Yes it is...I had to wait for a HX35 exhaust elbow when I ordered the K27 since I had the HY.
  5. And that’s my question...does the extra fuel/heat create more horsepower or is it just extra “dyno power” for the big number on a piece of paper. At level 0 I can run at 100% throttle from 0-90+ mph at 35psi and never see over1050 degrees on the EGT gauge. At level 3, same test and barely get over 1100 degrees...it feels good, not doggy at all, and super smooth power delivery. On level 6 of 6(100% wiretap) the Quadzilla defuels due too excessive boost numbers, they will jump up to 50+psi pretty quickly then EGTs jump to 1300-1400 degrees real quick. I just am not sure if im missing out on a good time and more horsepower due to lack of tuning. By the way the K27 is a pretty sweet turbo! Gets the job done and will make a great small turbo in a compound setup someday!
  6. So the beast is up and running like never before! This truck is very lively now..but I need some direction. I have many years in tuning and building imports, both NA and turbo applications, but wrapping my mind around the best way to run a diesel is proving to be a challenge. Right now I’m running a pretty tight wastegate. I’m at or near max boost without wiretap. With the quad on level 0 it’s running about 30psi with the TC unlocked and about 35psi locked. On level 3 it’s about 33psi unlocked and 38psi locked. I’m limited to about 40-45psi with the K27, which builds boost so fast off idle it’s hard to tune for smoke...there is almost never any to tune off of! So in your guys opinion, is it better to use the wastegate to set boost and limit fuel to keep from over boosting, or leave the wastegate loose and use fuel/wiretap to drive it to higher boost levels? Basically I’m smoke free at this point level 0-3 , just don’t know if there are any advantages to using fuel to drive wanted boost numbers or wastegate.
  7. Greg Vance

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Thanks! As far as the tappet cover I used the Allen bolts Keating sent with the cover and then used the stock spacer bolts to remount the ECM in the original location. I did have to use a washer between the ECM and the bottom mounting point for the ECM to make up the difference in thickness of the billet tappet cover vs. stock cover. And I had some HP sticky shield from Heatshield Products so I stuck that to the back of the ECM to keep some radiant heat away from it. The catch bottle or vent as you referred to it I call it a catch can/breather. With the stock vent and the one on the Keating tappet cover I’m hoping to be able to allow the crankcase to breath and also catch the oil residue in that breather bottle. We will see how well it works. I wrapped the stock breather hose around the timing cover and kept a slight slope to the breather to allow oil to move without hindering air movement. And did the same with the tappet vent. Both feed into the breather. It’s mounted inside of the drivers side frame rail right next too the front drive shaft. I will try to snap some pictures to give you a better idea! Time will tell how well it will work!
  8. Greg Vance

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    The house is hers...the truck is mine! Haha I was pretty proud of that park job going sideways across all three bays of my garage! Left me room to use my engine hoist to lift the head. My wife...not so impressed! She lost her spot for a month or so. So for that month only the important things were in the garage...my motorcycle and my truck!
  9. Greg Vance

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Thanks guys! That’s where I’m at too rotohead, right at 200k. I had a local transmission shop build me a bomb proof tranny and while he was in there he found that it was seeping coolant at the rear of the head. Not bad but I thought I’d rip the head off and replace the head gasket. It just kind of morphed from there. It’s always had an oil leak that I assumed was from the vacuum/ps pump assembly but turned out after rebuilding the pump it was the tappet cover...so out came the injection pump. Got a Keating machine tappet cover and fuel bracket delete. I wasn’t going to put the old injectors back in so I got new injectors, then needed a Quad to control fuel to the HY, then decided I needed a turbo and exhaust manifold too! Haha It was a slippery slope for sure! Then ended up replacing all sensors, ARP’s, and an S&B intake elbow which hasn’t arrived yet. The K27 was not a drop and go turbo...both the exhaust and compressor side had to be clocked to get the feed and drain in the correct orientation then needed to get a fleece turbo drain cause the stock drain had a split in it. Then had to shave and thin out a portion of the wastegate bracket and grind on a bolt to get orientation correct. Manifold is awesome as are the Stage8 bolts with tabs to prevent backing out. We will see how they hold up! Also made a breather for the 12an fitting off the tappet cover and also ran 3/4 inch hose from the front breather into the breather as well.
  10. Greg Vance

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    New to this community. Just thought I’d introduce myself. The amount of knowledge in this forum is amazing compared to other places. I’ve owned my 01 since 2008 and just went through a major overhaul. Just couldn’t get myself to give up and get a new truck when this one has always been so good to me. I have learned a ton rebuilding this beast and I have a ton of learning to do with the V2 Adrenaline so I’m sure I will be asking questions soon enough! Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of the Moparman forum!
  11. Thanks guys, did a little digging and found the signature portion! Well I ordered my Issopro gauges and triple pod pillar so now we wait till they arrive! When I’m ready to spend some more money I will ask again for your guidance! Haha
  12. Well...there you have it! I suppose I will do what I originally planned to before the “wiz-bang” iQuad came about! Haha Thanks for the heads up, I would rather be cautious than not. So im curious, do you tune off your Issopro gauges? Seems that would be the safe way...but then all the data logging info is inaccurate as well. I wonder if the discrepancy is the use of different sending units. Maybe redundancy in this case is a good thing! I can’t thank you guys enough! One more quick question...is my signature showing up for you guys? I can’t see it at the bottom of my posts.
  13. And that’s kind of my fear Drip...are the gauges just pretty lights that look cool or are they functional gauges that a guy can tune by and use to get a better understanding of how his truck is running. My Issopro FP gauge will never go anywhere, I’ve only had to replace the sending unit twice in 10 years. But if they are functional I would love to have a nice clean wireless install with a tablet of some sort. I’ve even thought about doing a single din deck with the swivel screen that has Bluetooth, WiFi, and a backup camera input and kind of kill several birds with one stone.
  14. The decision for me going EV2 for the fuel pressure gauge was I didn’t like the idea of running fuel into the truck, my luck the line would break and spray deisel into the cab. I trust my Issopro gauge...but I was hoping to save a few hundred dollars on dedicated gauges if I have a redundant set from the Quadzilla. If Im being honest, I’ve always liked the look of a triple pod A-pillar. But at almost 7 grand into this tranny build I was hoping to shave a little off the budget to get my Quadzilla a little sooner as well as injectors and a turbo. Thanks guys!
  15. Hey guys, first time poster...but long time fan of Mopar1973man! I’ve had my truck for over a decade and it’s time for some serious TLC! I have an 01 and hopefully all my mods show up in my signature. Once my transmission is done being rebuilt I will install The Quadzilla Adrenaline with iQuad. I plan to have a dedicated 7inch kindle fire as the readout for the gauges and for tuning. My question is in your guys opinion, are the gauges adequate for use instead of dedicated Issopro gauges for boost, EGT, and trans temp. I have an Issopro EV2 mounted on the steering console to monitor fuel pressure from the Airdog. Just wondering your opinions on using them instead of dedicated gauges...are they trust worthy enough for daily/long term use? Thanks in advance!