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  1. That makes me want to think there is a fuel deliery issue somewhere, but are you hearing a miss or are you hearing a lope? From what I have heard about the only thing the drilled cross over tubes do is cause a bit of a lope.
  2. Lets see who you are!

    Hey!! That looks just like you!!
  3. Lets see who you are!

    Possible...... just possible. I have been told I look good on the radio.........
  4. Lets see who you are!

    That's me next to the wing at the Air Show last year........
  5. He must be taking his time.........
  6. Tyler, did you actually check for a worn cam lobe?
  7. I wish it was only 25* today. It was -18* when I got out of bed this morning.
  8. That will tell you exactly what the lobes are like.
  9. I am really thinking there is a cam lobe that is going flat. That is why I suggest checking movement of the rockers. I know of an older Cummins (14L) that exibited similar symptoms and it was the cam.
  10. I wish you would figure this problem out....... We really want to know what is going on. Did you ever watch the valve train when you were spinning the engine over? I mean watch the amount of movement in the valves?
  11. Friday Funny.

    A melted porta-potty after eating fast food (Taco Bell) isn't funny??
  12. Friday Funny.

  13. Friday Funny.

    Maybe you, but not me. No Way, No How....... I don't want to go then then . Not my style.........
  14. Well, you sure shot the crap out of my ideas........
  15. The reason I said to adjust your valves was to have you check for excessive wear, excessive adjustment, lack of valve movement, etc. If you notice one adjuster different than the others it will tell you where to concentrate your efforts.