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  1. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    Guess what?!?! I got the other remote programmed! I found a site with a variation of what I was supposed to do. Turn the key to the run position, but don't start it. Instead of holding the unlock for 10 seconds, the instructions said hold it between 4 and 10 seconds then push the panic button for one second and release both at the same time. Next push both the lock and unlock buttons at the same time and release. It takes a coupleof secondsto hear the chime signaling that step was recognized. After that push any button on the remotes, wait for the chime and you are done.
  2. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    Maybe it would take a phone call, I don't know. I just can't seem to get the truck and remote into the program mode so I can try to get the other remote functioning.
  3. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    This is getting ridiculous. I emailed the supplier of the remotes for assistance and the first TWO emails back from them was to get my full name and zip code? WTF has that got to do with these remotes? All I want is to get two remotes working. The remotes really don't give a rip who is pushing the buttons or where it physically is........
  4. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    I'm getting tired of seeing the truck from outside the windshield............
  5. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    Welp, got back from the dealer. One of the aftermarket remotes works and the other wouldn't program. The tech even tried another battery. HOWEVER, I popped the remote apart and found the battery was in upside down. I got back to my trailer and found instructions of how to program another remote, but can't seem to get the truck into the program mode. I would hold the unlock button for 10 seconds, then press the panic button and release both at the same time like the instructions said to do. I tried many times and gave up. Anybody else have any ideas?
  6. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    Off to a dealer again with new remotes. HOPEFULLY these will work.......
  7. MnTom

    Exhaust Brake Question

    I suppose the Jacobs would be about 1/2 price too....... Just looked at a Jacob's. The actuator looks the same, but the mount is different and it is spot welded on, so, not interchangeable......
  8. MnTom

    Exhaust Brake Question

    No, I haven't done anything with it yet. I am planning on fixing it when I get back to Minnesota in about a month. Does the Jacobs brake work off of pressure or vacuum? The Banks is vacuum operated.
  9. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    I seem to spend more time as the bug than anything else.........
  10. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    Well, I wound up at a dealer to program the new remotes. The remotes wouldn't work. Turns out the dealership gave me the wrong part number. The only good thing to come out of today was I did get the PIN code so now I can have an automotive locksmith program the new remotes when they get here. What a PITA........
  11. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    Just as a follow up, I got TWO remotes off Amazon for under $40. I am going to call a locksmith tomorrow morning to see if he can and how much it would be.
  12. Something you can try is to unplug the field wires and go for a drive. That will take the alternator out of the loop. If everything works like it should then you know for certain.
  13. Make sure you think about some of these "upgrades"!! Cross Drilled Brake Lines
  14. He would have a 47RE transmission. The 47RH was used up until '95. '96 is the first year of the RE (my '96 was one of the early models to get the RE). Far as your alternator, it would be physically impossible for it to be putting out 10.5 volts and have the batteries at 14.2 volts. If you are getting 7v AC you really need to fix your alternator.
  15. MnTom

    Door Lock Fob

    I stopped at a Dodge dealer in Uvalde, Tx. to see what they would charge for getting a remote working. They said $60 to program. I thought, well, that's kinda high in my mind, but doable. I asked about a remote since I didn't have one and how much they were. HOLY CRAP!! They wanted $130 plus $10.73 tax along with the $60!!! That ONE remote would have been $200.73!!! I just ordered two of them from Amazon for under $40. That way IF I find a dealer and have a bit of time I might be able to get them to program one of them (or both).